Excitement Anxiety and Reward

The excitement is building for my return to Italy. I was able to get my tickets last week and in just a few months I will be on my way back to my “other” home again. My family is waiting and happy that I added one extra week this year. It will give us more time together and me more time to absorb more of the language and culture. The pace will be a bit more relaxed as one extra week will, I hope, take pressure off of trying to cram a bunch of stuff into less time. There are the meetings of elderly family members and little side day trips to places off the commercial path. Places of amazing beauty and history such as Castelmezzano & Benevento that many tourists never get to see. Am I sill considered a tourist?

This year I will be going with a large group of family to spend one week at a Resort on the southern shores of Sicily. It is a birthday celebration for one of my fathers cousins. I’m excited about this trip within a trip! I will get to see another piece of Italy and relax on the beach. There are half and full day tours available to visit ancient Churches and historical places which I would like to try to see if possible.
Although, the not so great part of this is the fact that I will have to wear a bathing suit. I have not worn a bathing suit in close to 15 years! Nor do I own one, which means I will be having anxiety over both searching for and wearing one. And I am only buying one, so they will have to get used to seeing me wear the same one.

I took a huge financial hit in the beginning of January when I injured my knee quite badly and was out of work for two full weeks. The back story is complicated and messy so all I will share is that I didn’t get paid for those two weeks. Which has put me behind a great deal and caused me a good amount of anxiety. Also, the huge swelling threw my Rheumatoid Arthritis into a frenzy and I have been dealing with that as well. But, all in all I think I’m getting close to putting myself back together and within this month should hopefully be able to get caught up financially. I kept thinking I had more time to save but somewhere lost track of that, so it’s nose to the grindstone from here on out.

I am so lucky to have this opportunity. I am so very proud of myself that I was able to find family I didn’t know I had in a beautiful country called Italy. The time and perseverance spent searching and digging for the possibility of family has brought me such great rewards and happiness. I feel complete knowing that they love me as much as I love them. My hope is that my sisters and family here will someday be able to accompany me, that I can be there to see their lives forever changed when they meet our family in Italy. I am excited to share this with them, all of them.
My dad would be so proud. Maybe he already is, watching from heaven.

Oh and for anyone who has followed me; Bruce Springsteen will be in Itlay while I’m there!!! Again!!!




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4 Responses to Excitement Anxiety and Reward

  1. clinock says:

    I am so very happy for you that you are returning to your magic Italian home, that you have kept your dream alive. You prove that anything is possible, keep on growing…

  2. Thank you John. This dream continues to blossom and leaves trails around my daily life. I can’t believe how far I have come since finding my italian family in 2011, to my first visit in 2013, my second in ’15 and now my third in ’16!
    You’ve been with from the start and it’s comforting to know that there are people like you out there that “get it”.

  3. Don Olney says:

    Go girl!

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