The Thanksgiving Police

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Mountain Gypsy's Blog

Today we American’s join together to celebrate one of the biggest non religious Holiday’s of the year – Thanksgiving. Filled with tradition, family, friends, food, football and parades. We gather with intentions of sharing all of the good we find in our lives, to give Thanks for our freedom, our bounty of food, those we love and those we have loved and lost. It is centered around the meal and the collection of those people who are important in our lives. Some Thanksgivings are memorable, some are not. Some are filled with laughter and joy, some are just another Thanksgiving. Some you never forget.

There is one Thanksgiving forever etched in my heart. It was about 1967 and I think I was about 11 years old. It was the first Thanksgiving without my dad and our “happy” family. My parents had split that summer, my mom packing all five of…

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