Going Home

Tornando Casa

There are only a few weeks to count down for my return to Italy. It’s getting close now, the time seems to be passing much quicker and the excitement is building. My list is as follows:
Italian Language Classes; Beginners Level 1 taken twice. Beginners Level 2 starts in two weeks. Study, study, study!
Wardrobe; After changes in my medications I have returned to my normal weight (I lost the extra 30 lbs I had gained). So, I decided that I would allow myself to create a wardrobe to take this time. It’s been an amazing feeling to find clothes that FIT and are comfortable, stylish and make me feel terrific. Through discounts, sales and coupons I have really created a nice mix. Though not finished I have a great base. Never in my life have I purchased a “wardrobe”, it’s always been a shirt here, jeans there, etc. This feels awesome!
Money; Of course it always comes down to money. Ugh. With the weather starting to break slowly towards Spring, things are picking up some. I have been working into my schedule every grooming dog I can. I should be fine, with the exception of getting a Hotel room for 2 nights in Rome. I found that if I fly into Rome I can save almost half the airfare and I now have family that lives in Rome, so I will be able to see Rome and have personal tour guides!
Gifts to take; Well, that has been the hardest part. This time I want to bring a little something for everyone. Rochester is known for it’s Lilac’s. We have a Lilac Festival every May and it attracts people from all over. If I can find them reasonably priced I’d like to get little bottles of the Lilac Perfume to take. I also would love to find small “packable” gifts that are made either here in my city or in the US.

My family in Melfi is waiting for me! It has been two years since my epic trip. I have stayed in touch with most of the family. Facebook Helps, as does the cell app “Whatsapp”. Now that I have been working harder at learning the language, I can recognize much more of what’s being said as texts come through. I use the translate program less and now mostly to confirm accuracy. My cousin has been taking English classes and it should be interesting how well we can communicate this time!

The excitement is building!!!

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One Response to Going Home

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! I’ll look forward to your posts and photos.

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