My Absence

My apologies for my long absence. The only excuse I can offer is my lack of inspiration. My life has really not been very interesting lately. Work is work and though I like what  I do, I have been exploring other possible careers with greater opportunities financially. It’s tough when you’re pushing the age of 60.

A very good friend has invited me to continue my horseback riding lessons. It has been a wonderful diversion and a chance to spend more time around horses. There is both a calm and nervous feeling when I’m there. Since I can remember I’ve always loved horses, always wanted to be around them. I love the smell of a horse barn, I love to hear them walk through the barn, I love to listen to them eat and I love to be near their massive size. The nervousness comes from inexperience and lack of knowledge about them.

I am going in to week 5 of beginners Italian language classes this week. It’s starting to sink in and make more sense. The class size is much smaller than my last beginners and the teacher is very good at drilling the basics. All of the students are older women like me. Some struggle as much as I do and the others have the structures of grammar ingrained in their head – unlike me. Thankfully, I recognize more and I am slowly remembering. Lately, I have noticed that I automatically am converting or comparing certain words. All in all I guess it’s going pretty well.

The monthly countdown to my next visit to Italy has begun; almost 7 months now. I busted my butt this summer to make every dime I could and almost have the money for my tickets. I have spoken to the Travel Agent and gotten her advice to purchase them in January. She thinks the prices will have dropped some by then – right now they’re pretty high. I have also been thinking about finding more information about moving to Italy. Still going over the “Pros & Cons” of a permanent move. It’s a huge step for someone like me and the logistics of that kind of move are overwhelming. I have a hard time dealing with the “what ifs”. On the other hand, my Italian family loves me and are all anxiously awaiting my return. We still send messages daily through WhatsAp and that has been very comforting. I am a small part of their everyday lives and I cherish that.

Getting through the next 6 months of winter should be my last hurdle before I leave. Here in Western NY the leaves are still falling and the gloomy days have begun. Last week I packed my flip flops and shorts, tanks and tee’s. I pulled out the tote with my long sleeved shirts, sweaters and beloved fleece. My dresser now filled with the bulk of winter clothes. We pass through another season of change. My hope is that these months will pass effortlessly and that there will be little or no drama added to my life as I wait.

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One Response to My Absence

  1. clinock says:

    I so admire your vision and how you are working to make it real. I am going through a similar process right now, un-Velcroing from the comfortable familiar. At whatever age we are life beckons us to answer the call to adventure, to hear the whisperings of our souls…It’s your life dream, never doubt it…

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