Italy puts love in the mail



My last long and torturous Thursday night at work was last night. Of course appointments got behind, there were treatments to be done, a lot of hurry up and wait moments and I watched the clock tick thinking what a mixed blessing it is that my hours are being cut to accommodate a new staff member. I’m sure gonna miss the pay but will not miss the misery of this particular day of the week at work. It’s long, difficult, filled with bickering and tension. No, I won’t miss that part.

Those are also the moments when my mind goes to Italy. Thinking about my family, remembering their faces and trying to remember the sound of their voices and laughter. I pull up a particular day of my visit in my mind, try to relive the moments, the sounds and the smells. It gives me a sense of inner comfort that helps calm me, keeps me from reacting to all that is going on around me in that moment.

Last night as I pulled my car into the driveway I looked, as I always do now, for signs of “him” coming to snoop. Nothing, good, I could relax, feed my pets and eat my very late dinner. I went to the mailbox and in the dark pulled out a white envelope which was cold and sort of, well, “traveled”. An instant rush – it was from Italy!

A ray of warm sunshine in an envelope, just for me. Who would think a person could feel so much joy, happiness and excitement from a letter? My dear Vincenza, thinking of me, writing me. It couldn’t have come at a better time, the day after Christmas and I take this as a sign that all will be well in my world.

Vincenza does not know the English language but her son-in-law is fluent. She asks me to write in English and tells me he will translate for her. Then she writes a letter to me in italian and he translates it to english, word for word. Vincenza will then hand write her letter to me in english. I am so humbled by this effort put forth to keep our communication going. She makes me want to learn italian even more, makes me want to be better and try harder. I want to learn her language so much so that when I get to see her again we can talk and understand each other freely.

Right now it seems like just another crazy dream of mine but who knows where life will take us? Who would have ever thought I’d make a dream come true? It all seems so far away at this point but so did my amazing journey in May. In the meantime, I will follow the same disciplines I used before. And again will find myself sitting with Vincenza and the rest of my family in Melfi. I found love in Melfi and Melfi mails love to me.

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