Dream Baby Dream


Dream Baby Dream

When I first saw this video it took me back to my visit to Italy and the concert I got to see in Naples. I love the words, the feel, the emotion and as with most of Bruce’s lyrics could completely relate it to my life experiences.

Today I listen with different ears, as I feel the pounding of someone else’s fist against my life and my heart, I hear a gentle voice, feel that soft encouragement to keep fighting, keep dreaming.

Crying has been a daily occurrence since last weeks fatal blow. In these words and music I now hear the spirit of my father telling me to keep moving, not to get bitter. I hear my dad telling me to stay true to myself and take life’s damaging events standing. “Follow your heart and cut out the bastards that get in your way” he’d say.

Leave it to Bruce Springsteen to tell me what my dad would tell me; Stop crying and Keep On Dreaming. Leave your heart open to the good things and the good people that come into your life. Dream Baby Dream.

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7 Responses to Dream Baby Dream

  1. clinock says:

    Have I read between the lines correctly? Did I miss a posting? Did your dad pass away? Your words indicate that this is so and if so I am so very sad for your loss and my thoughts are with you. And if not, my deepest apologies for reading incorrectly. Thank you for Springsteen’s song and video – it says it all really…

    • Hi John,
      Sorry for the confusion…
      Yes I deleted a post from last week that was written in an extreme emotional state. I decided that I didn’t want to be a sloppy emotional wreck in public. I would like my posts to be positive, inspirational or about good things. And that is how I would like to be recognized or thought of.
      My dad passed away over 30 years ago but sometimes it still feels like it was just the other day. During times of trouble I draw on his love and advice for me and I miss him more.
      I’m glad you liked the Springsteen video. This is one of the songs on his upcoming album releasing in Jan. This particular piece encompasses for me the full Italy experience from inception to now. As most hard core Springsteen fans can attest to; his words and story telling always give you the sense that they are written for you. Like he can read your mind or your heart and put to song what is in either or both.

  2. Lunch Sketch says:

    Hey Gypsy. Hope you are well and still dreaming.
    BTW. I have a little book at the printers (includes all my 2013 sketches). Only getting 10 made, some as keepsakes for family and some for blogging buddies. If you don’t mind, email me your address and I will send one your way 🙂

  3. rommel says:

    I have learnt that. This life gets tough. So you gotta be tough too. You gotta care, but not care for those who don’t care.

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