Matera the Ancient City

On a beautiful sunny afternoon I was taken across the landscape of Italy for a visit to Matera. It is about one hour from Melfi. You can’t help but notice the Turbines or Wind Farms as some call them. It made me very happy to see how much the Italians embrace Green Energy.



Most impressive to me were the walkways and steps. Everything is carved from or made of stone, centuries old. Knowing this place originated back to 3rd century BC, I felt like I was transported to another planet. Another thing I noticed was the smooth surface of the walkways we were on. So old that the texture had worn to an almost glass like finish.  Years and years of being walked upon by hundreds and thousands of people ( and animals ) have turned once rough and rugged rock into slippery smooth paths.



Steps going nowhere…..







All but completely abandoned by the end of the 1960’s slowly, painfully, carefully Matera is being repopulated.





Unbelievable how this photo shows how the city was built in layers. On the rooftops of many homes lies a street above.





I wonder how old this carving is? Who carved it? Was it a symbol or just decoration?

My visit to Matera was wonderful.



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3 Responses to Matera the Ancient City

  1. lauowolf says:

    this is all just lovely.
    (And we have turbines in the Bay Area – it always makes me happy to wee them.)

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos! The Pallante Center has done a lot of ancestor research in this area of Italy–helping people find their personal connection to such ancient cities. The people who once resided there were their ancestors. Through your blog they have the opportunity to see a close up of the old steps where their ancestors once walked ! The beautiful old church and how the people live today in an ancient city ! And thank you for visiting our site too. –Debora Hill, PCIR

    • Thank you Debora. The ancient city of Matera ( home of the Sassi ) is a remarkable place. A visit there will touch you in ways you’ve never imagined. (wear good walking shoes!) Though I did not get to spend more than a few short hours there, I feel I was able to absorb it’s importance, it’s true history and culture. Also I did not spend any time in the area of the “new” Matera built above.
      I took a lot of pictures that day, these were the ones I posted for blogging sake. Of course photo’s can not give you what real life can. I urge any and all who can to visit Matera and Melfi and as much of southern Italy as they can. It is filled with villages many of our ancestors left to reach the “New World” for a better life.

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