Kissed by Italy

Flag of Melfi


My affetto (heart) is still in Melfi, but my body is in Rochester. I jumped right back in to working 6 days a week with my usual schedule of hours. There is so much I need to document, memories, photos, people and famiglia.



My great grandparents with eight of their children, three yet to be born. This was a fantastic find in Melfi. It struck me that even peasants and the poor found it important to document their family in photos. What also struck me was how much people wanted to share with me. They brought out photos at every visit, they told me which sibling they were directly related to, they smiled and laughed and couldn’t wait to tell their stories.

Radio Kolbe 14 maggio

This radio interview was only my second day in Melfi. I still had not grasped the intensity of pride the Melfitani people had for their city, their heritage, history and for my reasons to come there. I was so nervous but Giorgia (my interpreter) and her dad Franco helped ease my fears. Later, I was given two private tours by them both. Franco has an amazing wealth of knowledge about both the Cathedral and The Castello, it was a joy to hear his enthusiasm in the Italian language and then to hear his beautiful daughter translate into english. I actually put some of his tour on my IPhone voice message app. I have listened to it several times, I just love to hear him talk in Italian and to hear the joy in his voice while sharing this rich history of Melfi.

Jacquies Cake


A quick jump to the end of that first week. The surprise party they had for me! I think my cake says it all. My Famiglia

There were so many family members there some didn’t even get into the pic! Then there was (what seemed like forever) single family photo shoots with me. It was a day I will remember for the rest of my life that’s for sure.

Mauro's Cheese


I leave you with Mauro’s cheese. He is my fathers cousin, still lives in Old Melfi and was filled with pride and joy when he shared his life there. I have many photos of him I will share in later posts. I really wanted to try a taste of that cheese though he said he’d offer me some but it wasn’t ready.

Today I will take some time to close my eyes and transport myself back to Melfi.

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6 Responses to Kissed by Italy

  1. Jacquie your arrival here did something to all of us, we lived this amazing experience through you, and we looked at Melfi in a different way for a couple of days..

    • It was magical and I loved every moment. You, my new found family and the people of Melfi who followed my journey made my time in your city the most extraordinary experience of my life.

  2. Wow! Look at that family tree. You should seriously look into getting Italian citizenship, then just move back to Melfi where it all began.

  3. Lunch Sketch says:

    Love the cake. You were quite the celebrity! 🙂

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