The Dream comes true

Tomorrow I board one of three planes that gets me to Italy. Everything is right, most “to do” lists are checked off and thrown away. Today I pack and finish getting the house ready for my pet sitter. I still need to make a sign to have my picture taken with at Naples airport. Camera is ready, cell is ready, I am ready.  (man I hope I remembered everything)

This is it, I did it, I am going to Italy, I am landing on my planned day, 12 May 2013. One hundred years to the day that my grandfather’s ship, The Cretic, docked at the Port of Boston. It took his ship two weeks to cross the ocean, he was just 18 when he stepped on American soil.

Relatives there are waiting, writing, sending phone numbers. They have plans for me, one is a Historical Festival of some kind. My family and friends here have been so supportive – calling, wishing me a wonderful trip and overall very, very supportive and happy for me.

The past couple years were so up and down, filled with anxiety and hope and worry and accomplishments. Most people would be excited to travel to Italy but the reasons for going make this extra special for me. When I let myself take in the full accounting I get emotional, the butterflies jump like crazy in my stomach. Add to all of that; Springsteen on the 23rd. It’s difficult to grasp that it’s ME doing this, not someone else telling me the story of and epic adventure to Italy, it is my story, my accomplishment, my dream and then some.


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4 Responses to The Dream comes true

  1. Lunch Sketch says:

    So happy to be the first to press Like for this post. I don’t really know you, but have a great sense through your posts of the meaning this trip has. You sound like one who truly deserves such pleasures!
    Fun Fact: I am actually sitting in Changi Airport (Singapore) at the moment – waiting to catch a plane back home to Brisbane. Was here for work, not holidays 😦

    Mountain Gypsy, do have a wonderful time! I wish you safe travels and that the trip you have planned is even better than all you have imagined so far 🙂

    • I’m happy to hear from you LS!
      Singapore! I guess if you have to travel a lot for work it’s not quite as exciting. My work has always involved both staying in one place and customer service. Which means I had great conversations with many people who traveled near and far. Always happy for their adventures but always secretly wishing I could take an exciting trip.
      Thank you for your wishes, I will have a wonderful time and take in and do as much as possible. 🙂 🙂

  2. Don Olney says:

    We love you, and can’t wait to hear the stories!

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