A Whirlwind of Activity

The days are moving fast now – there’s only one week left! It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that my trip is so damn close! Slowly but surely I’ve been checking off my lists of things to get done before I go. The thought of leaving my pets is starting to creep in, I love them so much and will miss them. Though, I know they are in good hands with my friend Melissa and they’ll probably enjoy a change of face!

All of my grooming clients are frantically calling for appointments and I’m adding them to my already packed schedule. Today I have two to do before I start one of my “other” jobs at the hospital. It’s good, I’ll take it, I need the money but I’m getting tired. That’s okay, I’ve got two weeks of an amazing experience coming to me very soon.

Everything is a rush now, must hurry to get things done, cover all the bases. And pack. What to take? I have little gathering spots filling up with items going with me and little clutter spots around the house that are getting smaller in preparation for Melissa’s stay. (lest she think I’m a messy housekeeper)

Then there is the twist to my plans with my cell phone. Turns out my two-year old cell phone will not accept Global. I had an upgrade due in March but wanted to wait until I got back to spend the money. Such a great idea…..until I realized that I won’t get ANY use from the old phone there, which means no Google Translate! That’s a problem. Enter my sister to save my butt; she loaned me the $$ to upgrade. Phew, bless her heart, I can get Global and Google Translate. And honestly, I love the new phone! Summer is coming and my grooming will pick up a lot so I’ll be able to pay her back quickly.

100 Years ago this week my grandfather was on the ship Cretic sailing to America.

That’s it for me now, off to work!


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2 Responses to A Whirlwind of Activity

  1. Lunch Sketch says:

    Hope the days a flying by fast!

  2. clinock says:

    Caio Bella – I’m so excited for you – one step at a time and you will be there – viaggio e sicuro e felice…

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