More good news & it’s all in the wrist

Great news on the hands/wrist front. Yup – more good news! 

After many attempts to get some type of Health Insurance and treatment for the Arthritis in my hands I kept hitting some type of block. Either the insurance didn’t cover “Specialists” or I made too much, or not enough, or the deductible was more than the Dr’s visits or, or, or…..

Enter my cousin the RN to save my ass. ( actually my hands ) She put me in touch with a woman at the Low Income Satellite Hospital division of her hospital. A few phone calls and a bunch of pay stubs sent in, questions answered over the phone and then a few days of waiting to hear back. The call came; You are qualified for not only One Grant but TWO! That’s right, I’m so poor I qualify for two grants. One will cover ( for 6 months ) Dr, Blood-work and Xrays. The other is sort of a “back up” that gives me limited discounts on meds and emergency type things. The main one has already taken effect and I’ve gotten the chance to see a Nurse Practioner, who spent almost 2 hours with me! She was wonderful, put my mind at ease, suggested a new Medication that will quite possibly put me into a remission state. She re ordered the Blood-work and Xrays for me, which I had done on Thursday. She will review the results this week and speak with the Dr that I won’t get to actually see until June. The new medication, as she explained to me, will help me get off of the Prednisone which has created a bigger, puffier me. It has way less side effects and though I prefer NO drugs this one will give me my life back. Or, I should say “should” give me my life back, nothing is 100% for sure. But I’ll take it because now I have Hope, I can look to regaining use of my hands with full function. 

I’d like to add one more thing here; when I knew I was going to a “Low Income” medical facility, I expected there to be lots of attitude, unfriendly faces and battered facilities. I was so very wrong! Yes, the Hospital had closed, it is a bit run down but the other Hospital purchased it and is using it as a satellite hospital. So low income people like me can get medical help. Every office I stepped in to was clean, the staff was friendly, accommodating, and never once looked down at me when I told them I was under the Grant program. I was treated just as compassionately and kindly as when I had really good Health Insurance years ago. They were respectful, courteous and friendly. For someone like me who has never asked for a handout, always worked hard and is humiliated to be in this position, it was the best experience I could have possibly had. 

My new Dr only works at this office 2 days a week and is booked up until June. So, when I get to see him, he will prescribe the new medication and within 3-6 weeks I should be back to normal if not really close to normal. I will need follow up blood draws so that they can monitor my levels, but between the 2 grants I should be okay. 

I hope that some day, some how, I will be in a position to donate to this program.

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