Three Weeks Today

Just three more weeks….weeks – not months….weeks.

I’ve started my lists. Been working on my budget, balancing what bills need to be taken care of before I leave and what I will have left to take with me. The list of those I will bring something home for is quite short; nieces 16, 14 & 4, one dear friend.

My change jar is getting full. I’ve been tossing in coins each day and will cash it in just before I leave. I have a lot of Vacation hours coming to me, I will save some and cash in some.

This weekend I plan to do some shopping for clothes. Just a few things to fill in what I already plan to take. I’d also like to work on my little paper bracelets to take as gifts. That depends on what my hands will allow as they are pretty swollen and painful this morning.   ( a second post on that later today. )  

It’s been hard to focus at work and I find myself thinking of my trip in those slow spaces of time, seeing the schedules for May with my hours being filled in with someone else’s name. Usually it’s the other way around, I’m filling in and pulling extra hours to cover for someone who is away. Now it’s my turn. It feels strange and thrilling at the same time.

Getting the house together for my friend Melissa, who is staying here with my pets Honey and Cricket. Making sure she has everything she needs to be comfortable, the animals have plenty of food etc. There sure is a lot of cleaning that needs to be done. I had a key to the house made for her with M n M’s printed on it – don’t think she’ll forget which house that key is for!

All of the planning is coming together…three weeks from today I will be boarding my plane….and three weeks tomorrow I will meet my family and arrive 100 years to the day! Port of Boston 1913

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3 Responses to Three Weeks Today

  1. Don Olney says:

    Best of everything to you and your family – human and otherwise?

  2. clinock says:

    Molto, molto bello…

  3. Lunch Sketch says:

    Yay! Hope the weeks fly!

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