Signed Sealed Delivered! and why is my widget confused?

They arrived today! 

Springsteen Napoli 23 maggio 2013

I start my trip with landing on Italian soil 100 Years to the Day that my grandfather arrived in America. Meeting a very large family I never even knew existed until two years ago, throughout the two weeks I’m there. Continuing my research in Italy and hopefully finding more information about my grandmother. Information that has remained elusive here in the US.

There are a couple of sights I’m hoping to get to see while I’m there but that will remain open until I get a feel for how things go.

The second to the last day of my visit/trip will be the “Wrecking Ball” tour. The Boss and the E Street Band! It was just a fluke that I noticed the show was in Naples while I was there, it just HAD to be included. I remember thinking “no way” how, how much, who will come with me etc, etc. Well, it all worked out and I got my tickets!

Why the heck is my Countdown Widget off by a month? It’s driving me crazy. 

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6 Responses to Signed Sealed Delivered! and why is my widget confused?

  1. Don Olney says:

    I’m so pleased for you!

  2. lauowolf says:

    have a spectacular time

  3. I’m so glad to read that you are going after your dream. I’m where you were 2 years ago…planning, planning, planning! While I won’t be crossing oceans, the financials can be a nightmare! I’m trying all sorts of things that will bring in funds. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. If I’m reading correctly, you leave a month from today! Ciao!

    • Thanks runaway. Yes, I have one month of waiting left! And you’re right the saving, working and planning has been an adventure in and of itself. Once I got my Passport and airline tickets I knew it was real. Seeing Springsteen – well that was just the extra reward.
      I’ve been working 6 days a week and pulling any extra hours that come my way. I’ve sold an art piece I made, and stopped any and all non essential spending. I use only cash, and only take what I need for the day. I take my lunch and sit in my car if it’s nice out. I make big pots of soups and stews to freeze, stopped buying meat and costly “pre packaged” foods. I make lists when I go shopping and stick to them.
      I force myself to think of how many hours I had to work to earn the cash in my wallet, and then question myself ” am I willing to trade my hard earned cash for this item ?” It’s amazing how much money you can save in a week if you pay attention. It’s become a way of life for me and actually made me much happier and less stressed overall. I suggest you look at options that fit your comfort zone financially. Cutting out non essential spending will bring you faster and greater rewards. Plus, for me, watching that little stash grow and grow was the best feeling ever! As each $100 adds up so does your strength and confidence and the vision of your dream becomes clearer, more real, more do-able. I wish you only the best for your trip!

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