Your Picks for my Playlist

a_bruce_2013_italyMy Dear Followers and Fellow Bloggers,

Music is a huge part of my life and I have been running through a Playlist for the trip in my head. I would LOVE suggestions from you. There is plenty of time for me to put my Playlist together, so send me your choices! My tastes vary widely but I don’t do Opera, Rap, Heavy Metal or Jazz.
There is a lot of different music in my current music library including; Blues, Light Rock, a little Country, Rockabilly, Cajun style ( The Subdudes & Zachary Richards ), old Broadway, Louie Armstrong and Etta James etc. Then there’s Bruce – as in Springsteen….my all time favorite of 40 years.

Turns out he’s playing Naples, Italy while I’m there!!! Imagine that – the ultimate topping off of a Dream Trip. I’ve contacted the family and they are getting tickets for me to go. I’m not sure how many family members are coming to the show with me but I know I’m going.

Bring me what you like, what you would want to spend 16+ hours on a flight listening to.
I leave you with the lyrics to a Melissa Etheridge song that made me think of you all and it will be included in the list;

Past the devil’s own temptation
Beyond where angels sleep
To the holy invocation
Of a neon city street
I feel your hand
I hold you
Through your eyes I see
My love, wherever I go
I take you with me

Down the road of my desires
To the oceans of my peace
Through the fueling of my fires
Until my yearnings cease
I hear your voice
I know you
In your arms I sleep
My love, wherever I go
I take you with me

Even though I’ve fed my hunger
Even though I’ve named my fear
I’ll never understand it
How the journey led me here
But I have made a promise
That I intend to keep
My love, wherever you go
I take you with me

 You have all been so wonderful supporting me here and these words made me think that when I do get to make this journey, each of you will be with me….


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9 Responses to Your Picks for my Playlist

  1. Lunch Sketch says:

    I could listen to both the “The Temper Trap” albums: “Conditions” and “The Temper Trap”
    Aussie band – can’t go wrong!
    So many good songs and the lead singer has amazing vocals.

  2. lauowolf says:

    Dar Williams In the Time of the Gods.
    Simply wonderful.
    (And I have to go listen to The Temper Trap now.)

  3. clinock says:

    I always take Leonard Cohen with me when I travel – he covers so much of meaning on every level…

  4. good taste my friend you have good taste

  5. If you haven’t done so, I highly recommend,two-part special on the history of the Eagles band on the Showtime cable network.— I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVE the Eagles and supect you might like them too!

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