Watching the Dream come true

Months and months have passed since getting all of the financials prepared and delivered to the Attorney for my representation. The wait has been daunting and stressful. Doubts and fears have been hard to fight off. I started the push in May of last year, knowing I had limited time to both get this mess that has haunted me for many years out of way and to apply for my Passport. (which I had heard would be denied if the financials were not settled.) The two people who are working on this for me are doing much of it on a “Pro Bono” basis. So I’ve felt that I shouldn’t be pushy and accept the wait. But the months have gone by one by one and my window to getting this done has been closing steadily. The wait has been difficult and try as I have to avoid getting frustrated, I gave up last week and called a CPA out of the blue. A few minutes on the phone with him and I had an appointment in 2 days. The catch was all of my paperwork was with the other guys. A call to them went un-returned. More stress, more guilt, more uncomfortable feelings of how to explain to them that I went to someone else to get the job done. After having to cancel my appointment with the CPA, I got a phone call from them! Once I got over the initial shock, I got all the answers I’ve been waiting so LONG for; Send in the Passport Application – the financials will have no bearing on its acceptance. At the end of January the financials will be processed. Two major stumbling blocks removed. I felt the weight explode off my shoulders. It was amazing. I could actually see myself at the airport, getting on a plane, flying over the Atlantic and landing in Italy on May 12th 2013. It was real, the plan, the dream, the goal and most importantly the tribute to my grandfather. Arriving in his homeland the same day – 100 years later – that he arrived in America.

Yesterday I went to AAA and joined their ranks. Discount airfare. They will make sure the flights are arranged perfectly. My Passport Application will go out this week. (need the photo) I have put in my vacation time at work and been approved for it. My work friend will stay at my house to care for my pets. Everything is falling into place. Though it won’t be 100% real until I have my Passport in my hot little hands. The plane tickets will be purchased when I see my Passport.

It feels real now, no longer like a “pipe dream.” I will get to meet the family I found two years ago, to see what once was the tiny village where my grandparents grew up and is now a full blown Cittia’. It will be my once in a lifetime journey, the one thing that has been my focus, my dream and my personal drive to accomplish. I’ve not felt this much possibility in my life in so long.

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8 Responses to Watching the Dream come true

  1. Don. Olney says:


  2. Lu says:

    Fingers are crossed it all works out to perfection 🙂

  3. clinock says:

    I am so excited for you MG. I first discovered Italy leading school groups there for five years on Art History field trips. To see all of that art, architecture and history made tangible after so many years of studying it in books and slides was miraculous. I’ve since been back without students and explored in depth. My heart is still there but I can no longer afford to travel to Europe – however, I can still live it through people like yourself. Are you learning the language? – it is so beautiful…

    • I am so looking forward to this trip! History, meeting family and one very big accomplishment. It’s all falling in to place.
      My friend travels to Europe every year, they go to different countries each time but always use either Italy or France as a “home base”. She shares her photos and stories and until now, I’ve just watched from afar, now it’s my turn! Though most of my trip is family oriented I’m sure I will get to take some side trips.
      Oh, the language – eek! A few words are all I know but I have one of those language programs. Somehow I think I’ll get by……I hope.

  4. rommel says:

    WEEEE! Exciting … So happy for you. I still remember you talking about originating your father’s footsteps. Fingers crossed, indeed. Keep the positives up!

  5. Marlene says:

    “I’ve just watched from afar, now it’s my turn! “…After researching my grandfather’s “little village” for a dozen years, one of my most prized photos is ME taking a picture of the “hill town”. I realized that instead of watching from afar I was now IN the picture, just where I wanted to be. Loving your stories. Can’t wait for more

    • How sweet that you have that photo!
      I look at the old photos I do have of Melfi and I imagine what it will be like when I get to walk those paths.
      I tend to take in a bit deeper than most people I know, I notice the smell of the air, the feel of it, the sounds around me and how my feet feel on old bricked roads. It will be amazing I’m sure. And you’ve given me a great reminder to have my picture taken in the same places that my grandpa would have been. Thank You Marlene.

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