Mixed Up Christmas



It is a mixed up Christmas for me this year. Feeling so much sadness all week for the people of Newtown, CT. I still have a hard time accepting the scope of it all. The feeling of anger keeps creeping into my head about the massive amount of guns and shootings that are plaguing this beautiful country I live in, I love and I support.
Now it has happened again, in my own backyard. Just a few miles away. On Christmas Eve morning a call to the 911 center for a fire on a tiny little stretch of homes along the shore of Lake Ontario. Volunteer Firefighters rush to the scene of the blaze, only to be booby-trapped and shot. Two killed, two in the Emergency and a third, an off duty Police Officer on his way to work who stopped to assist was also hit by gunfire from the shooter. In all 7 homes destroyed by flames because the shooter was still lurking and hiding in the darkness of the early morning and the smoke from the houses burning.  He did eventually kill himself, (coward) the “Crime Scene” was secured, innocent residents evacuated and investigation began.  This is how Christmas Eve was spent here this year. It’s too much. Too many lives lost to guns, too many devastated families, friends, fellow Responders and communities. In the weeks and months to come for 2013 there will be more battles about this issue. I know that I am not alone in my anger and frustration. Attempts will be made to reach solutions, people on both sides will argue. My feeling is that after Sandy Hook, this country has been forever changed. The tide has turned and change will come, at the expense of 20 little children and 6 Educators. That’s what it took to wake up the American public, gunning down 20 innocent kids in a place they felt safe.

This is the time of year for celebration, for love, for giving, for kindness and for peace. I believe it to be the Miracle Moment of the year, a small window of time when most prayers are answered, most Miracle’s are granted and those of faith or belief in a higher power are closest to that power. It is the one time during the year that people gather together to rejoice, to share and to offer light to others, that they not be left in the dark and alone. I believe in Christmas, my faith, my family, my friends (you included), kindness, simple joys, gratitude, compassion, giving and myself. Though I may be but one, I believe that by making an effort to be one tiny little light to one single person a day, I can make a difference. If only for a moment.

As we prepare for the New Year of 2013 we are left with such sad reminders of how 2012 ended. My wish for the coming year is resolution, change for the greater good. I hope that we can take what we have learned and create a road that leads us to a stronger chance of Peace.



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