Morgan Freeman and the Media

Early this morning I happened to come upon the post of Morgan Freeman’s Statement about the Media giving the name of the killer at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. It’s out there trust me, look around for 2 seconds and you’ll find it. It was in my Facebook Feed. I’m not going to include it in this post.

I love Morgan Freeman. I disagree with his statement. For him to bash the Media about the killers name is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard him say.

Newtown Ct lost 12 girls, 8 boys, all First Graders, 7 devoted, beautiful women. All with multiple gun shot wounds. Over 20 families burying their children & loved ones less than a week before Christmas. Extended family, friends and community forever changed.
As for the Media coverage; Anderson Cooper REFUSES to speak the killers name, just FYI. The Media has it’s twists and turns, but it if weren’t for the Media no one would know anything about the victims, their lives while they were here. People may not be reminded that First Responders are human too. No one would know about the Support that is coming in, the donations being raised to help this Community begin to confront and deal and process and heal. Or be prompted to help in some way. Money is being raised to return little Emilie Parker’s body to Utah, where her family resided before moving to Newtown, Ct. I watched her father last night, brave and broken, speak of his daughter. No parent ever expects to bury their 6 year old, who are the ones that can’t afford to pay for a Funeral? We’ll know thanks to the Media. Then those parents will get what they need to give a proper burial service to their child.
Without the Media, conversations would not begin. They’ll just show up at the next one and the next one and the next one. If it takes massive Media coverage to wake up the American People – so be it. The time has come for American’s to open the doors of conversation about Gun Control, Mental Health Issues, Assault Weapons and every other topic related. The Media, Politicians and people throughout the world are PISSED! This happened in a beautiful community but it’s effects are global and has outraged the world. You don’t gun down 20 babies and 7 others without notice.

Reporters name names, that’s their job. Sorry Morgan. They stand there and pretend they aren’t touched, or revolted for having to say that freak’s name. Just like you in front of a camera making a movie or commercial. Pretending, in your world of make believe. The difference is Reporters are not pretending. They work hard to get the facts as best they can – not reading lines off of a Screen Play.
Oh, and by the way; Every Media Station has a ” Hollywood Reporter” how does that fit in with the money and sensationalism made by THAT industry???? Everyone knows who Morgan Freeman is……….you are all over the Media, including Social Media.

Sorry. The Media world is not perfect, nor is any other part of our world, sadly we are reminded of this especially now. Please use our Power to promote something that CAN be useful and remember were it not for the Media your career could be much different.

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