Cowboygirl Boots

Honestly look how happy Santa made me at 4 years old! The pure innocence of a child on Christmas morning. As my mother tells me all I asked for were those ” Cowboygirl ” boots. Apparently I was country before country became the institution it is today. I don’t remember much about this Christmas or the Cowboygirl boots, but I do remember always feeling a draw to horses. To me they are mysterious and magical much like Christmas is for a child.

The spirit of a horse to me is a powerful draw. Much like the spirit of Christmas, it bodes to the inner sense of communication beyond words, the feelings of connection with one being, seen or unseen, words spoken and unspoken. Christmas to me is more than the celebration of a birth, it is a representation of giving at its highest and deepest level. It is the yearly reminder of what each one of us who believe can do to make the world a better place to live, to be, to help those who have less and to give more than just material gifts. In a silly way I compare this to what a horse gives; it gives of itself. Spirit, drive, compassion, loyalty, strength, power, protection and peace.

With the Christmas holiday so close upon us, I am, like millions of others, in the throes of shopping, planning, decorating and wishing I had more to give. But I am drawn to the four-year old I see in the picture, her pure joy for the magic and the power of believing.

I believe that one day I will have a horse, another pair of “Cowboygirl” boots, the farm I’ve always wanted and life I’ve always dreamed of. I believe that the day will come that I will have the ability to give to others the way I dream of. I believe I will someday play the Santa/Giving role to others so less fortunate than I and in need, to bring hope and help and peace others.


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2 Responses to Cowboygirl Boots

  1. Nicely written. Good luck in your search for your private “Ponderosa.”

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