Brace For Impact

She will huff and she will puff and she will blow at millions! Touted as THE Superstorm Miss Sandy is on her way with Weather experts sounding alarms from the Carolina’s north to Maine and as far west as the Mississippi.
That my friends includes a teeny, tiny little spot called my house. As of last night, local weather reports are calling for high winds and rain in my city, further south and west the calls are for large snowfall as a cold front is headed south from Canada and hooking up with Sandy. She’s a hussy, a flirt I tell you.
New York City and the New Jersey coast was under evacuation with lower Manhattan public transportation being completely shut down. Have you ever been to NYC? That is a LOT of people, huge numbers affected, removed, relocated and in classic NY fashion, they shrug it off. Most of them lived through Sept. 11, 2001 – you can’t scare them. They are a rough breed. Worthy of respect.
For me personally, well, I’m not hoarding anything. Ok, so I will fill my gas tank today, maybe grab a couple jugs of water and check my candle count. Sweaters at the ready as well as blankets, the call is for massive power outages – which means no heat. Luckily I have a big fuzzy dog and a heat loving/producing cat, I think I will be just fine.
Power and Utility companies from as far west as Oklahoma and Utah are on their way to assist the East Coast. Bless their hearts and all of that kindness, compassion and overtime pay.
I am not making fun of a bad situation, well maybe a tad, but look; I can’t change the weather. Life has taught me to improvise, take one day at a time, roll with the punches and survive as intact as possible. So that is exactly what I am going to do.

 I am Bracing For Impact.

Oh yeah, one more thing that is VERY important;

I’m going to the Springsteen concert here in town Tuesday night
provided we have power.


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2 Responses to Brace For Impact

  1. August Rain says:

    I really, really want to learn how to do this. Love it.

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