Brace For Impact UPDATE

That’s me under the blue dot…..The App is called Living Earth and I bought it so I can see what the weather is like at any time in Melfi, Italy. But I found it comes in handy for other stuff now and then as well.
I took this screen shot while I was at lunch today, it’s now almost 8 pm and the winds are beating my house. Power still on, my furnace running and keeping me cozy, I’ve had my dinner while watching the news with my favorite News Anchor, Diane Sawyer. My television screen constantly scrolls the crawler of ” closings “. Everything is shutting down here and the actual brunt of the storm isn’t even supposed to get here until late Tuesday, tomorrow.
Oh, and get this!!! The Circus was in town over the weekend. All Rail travel has been halted so therefore the Circus can’t leave! They use the train as transportation and that includes the animals. I mentioned that Bruce Springsteen was here tomorrow, well he just may be playing with the Circus! Can you picture Bruce singing on the back of an Elephant?! What a show that’d be huh? His concerts are amazing but add the Circus and you’ve got an event as big as this Super Storm called Sandy.
Actually, Bruce postponed the show to Wednesday night. I found someone to work my night shift on Wednesday so I’m good either way.

So, I’m signing off for now, hoping I am spared and that my power will continue to stay on. I am praying for those less fortunate and those affected by the powerhouse called Sandy. I pray for the helpless animals of the streets, that they find warmth and shelter somewhere, a safe place to hide and ride out the storm.

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2 Responses to Brace For Impact UPDATE

  1. Thinking of you Mountain Gypsy, please keep us updated so we know you are ok.
    Love from Australia

    • Well, I’m thinking of you….sitting on the warm beach reading and hopefully sipping on something wonderful! All is well here so far. Part Two is on it’s way for tonight but I think the worst should be over us and on it’s way to bothering Canada! What a mess the coast is though, sad for all of them.

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