ZenTangle Weekend

It’s official, I am becoming addicted to Tangles AND having a two day weekend! I haven’t worked my part time Saturday grooming job in a few weeks now. Partly due to my hand issues and partly due to October being a slow month.
I did something Saturday morning I never do – I was lazy, I sat around practicing little Tangle patterns in my sketchbook, throwing a load of laundry in now and then. No where important to go, nothing I absolutely HAD to get done. So, I sat at my table, turned on some music and Zen Tangled. Practiced more designs and Tangled some more.
After finishing one, I decided to try my hand at adding pastels for color. I haven’t worked with my chalks for a while and thought it’d be fun to see what would happen.  I’m not that crazy about it…..

So, I went back to shading with pencil on the next piece.

Still on the fence with the whole shading thing. I made one more and used pencil again.

Not sure. Maybe this week I will go to my colored pencils for shading. I like the stark black and white, I’m okay with the pencil shading, but I want to add color.

More practice during the week, more Tangles to make and the best part; it has sparked my creative juices again. I needed that, a weekend of Zen Tangle and creativity.

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7 Responses to ZenTangle Weekend

  1. i like the colored shading thing best

  2. Lu says:

    I think it looks like fun! I prefer the colour image – they would make cool tiles for the bathroom or kitchen!

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