It’s all in the wrist

No more denial for me. It’s full speed ahead now with my hand issues. The second round of Pred only prolonged the agony that has painfully become my new life. At least for now. A second visit to Dr’s office leads to more blood-work ordered and referral to a Specialist who can not see me until December! Not great news for me as my hands are my livelihood. I groom dogs and cats, I need them to do just about everything at work, at home and to drive! As I sit here now typing my in my little post box, my one wrist is wrapped in a mentholated sticky thing, I’ve taken my morning dose of 4 ibuprofen’s , its swollen and hurts like hell but so much better than when I actually woke up this morning. If I only move my fingers I’m okay, more than that and it brings tears. The good news is my other ( left ) hand is not nearly as bad and has no swelling at all.
It’s just so bizarre to have this dilemma. How do you go from being fine one minute to this the next? It was a sudden onset and I don’t get it. The pain and swelling has moved from hand to hand, finger to finger, come and gone at various times ( gone completely with Pred ) and now most definitely settled in my wrist and up my thumb. I can’t tell you how much it hurts to drive because my car is 5 speed and requires shifting.
There are things I need/want to do like clean up and wintering my patio, bring stuff in for the upcoming winter months, I need to make room in the basement for some of these items. I need to organize the garage I share with my landlord/friend to make room for some of the things we don’t want to leave outdoors and clear it out for him to put his Cadillac in for the winter also. ( I really miss having use of the garage in winter!!!)
Then there is the pair of wristwarmers I’ve been knitting that need to be finished, the ZenTangles I want to draw, the White Hot Chicken Chili I want to make that requires so much hand cutting and all of the dishes that will need to be washed after. Forget about the vacuuming, dusting and straightening of the house before work tomorrow.
Listen I don’t have the time for this crazy thing with my hands! It’s crazy I tell you, crazy. What the heck? And really, I have to wait until December to get relief? I understand the pitfalls of being on Pred but really I NEED to function on a daily basis. Is taking 4 ibuprofen 4 times a day any better? I see the commercials on TV for prescription drugs, as if your condition alone isn’t bad enough, the meds will only make you worse with all of the side effects they list! Including “may cause DEATH” come on now, who in their right head would even risk it?
Top all of this off with NO Health Insurance. Now that’s a scary thought. Tomorrow I will be on the hunt for something that resembles Health Insurance. This Specialist isn’t going to treat me for free that’s for sure and I can’t function like this.
This is my life now and it’s all in the wrist.

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4 Responses to It’s all in the wrist

  1. Best wishes for a good rehab and quick and full recovery.

  2. rommel says:

    Get your Health Insurance FAST ….. NOW!
    What a gritty post! Another YIKES read. Hope you get better. What a dreadful thought to have the situation. I can lose my cellphone, my wallet, my material possessions, but PLEASE no, not my hands or arms even just for a day.
    Get well, and stay safe.

    • Thanks for stopping in rommel. Working on the H/Ins presently.
      Just goes to show you life can change w/o warning in an instant – who’d have ever thought a person could just wake up one morning and not be able to use their hands?
      On some meds until I get to a Specialist. Relief temporarily.
      Putting a HUGE cut into my Italy $$ – just means I have to work, work, work more. I HAVE to arrive in Napoli on May 12,2013. See my post if you’re bored;

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