My First ZenTangle

Straight out of the book

Well sort of, I practiced some before my kit arrived. There are three actually finished already, they seem to work up pretty quick. It’s an interesting little creative project and I am already becoming attached it. It reminds me a lot of working Artist Trading Cards up but without the complexity of balance, color and fidgeting with design style or theme. Working one little section of “string” at a time helps take focus off of the questions of what the end result will be, you sort of already know. It’s going to be black and white to start with, maybe shading with pencil at the end. Each section brings a new dimension to the overall piece. I think I will pull out colored pencils and place layers of color shading instead of just pencil.
My hope is that, with practice, I will train my brain to be calm and much less judgemental of myself AS I work. The Zen factor, focus, calming, centered and uncluttered. The pieces are small and don’t take much time or effort so making one in a morning before work should be a good way to start the day.
Add the fact that it is inexpensive makes it even more relaxing. Though having said that I think of the money I have invested into my studio stuff I probably should be there working up some goodies. But ZenTangle is much more portable and uses very little. I have already carted my little boxed kit to work with me and made one on my lunch break.
So there you have it. I think I might be hooked on yet another creative outlet. Maybe I will post more finished Tangles as they come.


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2 Responses to ZenTangle

  1. i hope you do post more tangles sometime

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