Healing from East and West

It started out slowly back in May, the dull ache of a stiff neck and a day later my shoulders hurt. Too much gardening too soon? The nice little burst of warmth and sunshine gave me my own little burst of wanting to be outside. Digging, planting and pulling my beautiful pots out of their winter protection from the garage. I had seedlings so tender and store-bought flowers waiting to be set into nutrient rich soil. It was the perfect time to get started and I worked til dark.
The following morning I felt sore all over but mostly my neck and shoulders which I think took the brunt of my previous days spurt of energy. As is my usual m/o I worked through it. A couple of aspirin and I’m good to go. Hmm, well maybe not. Hot baths, warm cloths and more aspirin and I still could not turn my head left or right, up or down. My shoulders hurt even when I wasn’t moving. Getting in and out of bed became a task and a painful one at that. But I told myself it would be okay, I just needed to rest the spots.
The summer came and the summer went all the while the pain and soreness stayed. I did everything so gingerly, slowly and cautiously. Every move was deliberate. Until finally I’d had enough.
Acupuncture. That was my remedy of choice. My research turned up a wonderful young lady nearby with incredible credentials. The appointment made was two weeks away. I could wait, I’d waited this long.
Then it happened. The most bizarre series of events set into motion. One finger on my right hand swelled up at the top joint one day. It was odd and it hurt. The very next day a finger on my left hand did the exact same thing. What the heck?! A day or two later the swelling moved around a bit then went away. Then it came back again. Seriously? I just couldn’t make sense of it. I was a couple of days from my first Acupuncture treatment so I waited and added that to my list of ailments. By the time I got in to see her my hands had risen directly to the top of the list. I couldn’t open a door, a bottle of water, my toothpaste and getting dressed was beyond hilarious. I left that first appointment with great expectations. The next morning I awoke feeling amazing. I sat right up without one single hitch, reached out to the bedside light pain-free! UNTIL I tried to turn the light switch…..the pain in my hands was still raging. My already fat chubby fingers were still swollen and hurt.
Don’t ask me how I did this but I worked throughout this. Thank God I work with such wonderful people who helped me as much as possible. I made it through that Friday at work. Took a day trip on Saturday with a friend. As we were driving along I sat there watching my right hand swell up. It just ballooned. Not so much pain as discomfort and it itched a lot. Though no visible rash or sores on the skin. It was getting so freaky, like my hands had this thing going on and I couldn’t figure it out.
Sunday, I awoke to the worst pain ever in my left hand. As the day wore on the pain headed up my forearm. No swelling just pain. I spoke to another friend who gave me a lecture about seeing a “real” doctor. I haven’t been to a doctor in so long both of them have retired. That’s the truth! So, I called her doctor the next morning and he got me right in. He never really said WHAT he thought it was. He did however order blood work and two scripts. Neither of which I could take until after the blood draw so as not to alter results.
Monday night I took the first drug. Tuesday I had a second Acupuncture treatment and Wednesday I started the second drug. By Thursday there was no more pain in my hands and the swelling had all but slightly disappeared.
Amazing. What ever it was in my hands is just about gone. Western Medicine.
My Acupuncture treatment has made all of my neck pain go away and my shoulders are fine. I had no idea how bad I really felt until I felt better! What a difference. It feels so good to feel good. Amazing. Eastern Medicine.

I do not have nor can I afford Health Insurance. Financially both of these treatments have cost me less than one payment of any Health Insurance plan I’ve had in the past. Would I have Health Insurance if I could afford it? Of course I would, but look at what you can do if you have less money. Maybe I dodged a bullet this time, but it’s all I’ve got. And considering I’ve got a better body now I’m probably a bit quicker if another bullet comes along.
I hope.

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2 Responses to Healing from East and West

  1. Rai says:

    I’m sorry to hear there’s been so much pain lately. You can do it!

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