The Gypsy’s Heartbeat

The Gypsy’s heart beats to her own rhythm. Time moves with the Gypsy soul. There is a passion buried so deep that few ever know it even exists. A Gypsy keeps it hidden from the world lest someone try to take it and make it their own.
If you are of the rare and few allowed into her world you will be gifted with love that shines like gold, kindness like jewels, lights of color so rich and vibrant you will laugh and dance and sing. You will be witness to the healing, to the solitude, to the prayer and the angst of what once was.
Within the Gypsy’s heart lies great treasures. A Gypsy is strong, defiant, independent and fiercely free. A gatherer of sorts, collecting along her way and storing her findings either in her mind or her apron. The Gypsy’s heart beats to one drum, hers. You may look at her and see her alone when in fact a Gypsy is never alone. She carries with her the spirits of those she has loved and lost, those she knows she will encounter and those who are as yet at a distance but visible.
Forever a Traveler in mind and body and spirit, the Gypsy makes her way through a furious world with the knowing that the rhythm she hears is the Gypsy’s Heartbeat.


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2 Responses to The Gypsy’s Heartbeat

  1. clinock says:

    Beautifully said – your words play on strings deep in me and make my heart sing…

    • Ah yes, the photo sent to me by a friend touched a place within my heart that had been sitting idle and I think was waiting to be released. So glad that you connected with it and that I touched you too.

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