Working in Reality TV

It is 6 am exactly right now. One month ago the sun would have already risen but today it is still dark and quiet, short of the train whistle in the distance. I have been dreading today all weekend. I know I should have just concentrated on the free time but the day after a Holiday is always a Nightmare & a marathon at work. I have been assigned to work as receptionist temporarily on Tuesday mornings. It has been two full days that clients have not been able to get anything other than an answering machine. We have a large following of ” demanding ” clients. It’s gonna be a day and I am not looking forward to it.

As last week started to come to a close we had another Thursday from hell. Two horrible incidents in the same afternoon; one with a decent outcome and the other, a DOA, met a horrific demise. It was, to say the least, filled with both adrenaline and pure sadness. It’s like living in Reality TV. Actually our hospital should be a Reality Show! Both of these were within hours of each other. At the end of the day I was completely drained but for the fact that one of them had died and Dr’s brought him back to life and I held on to that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I work with the BEST people on the planet! To watch them in action during an emergency is nothing short of amazing. I am proud and honored to be a small part of the team.

What will the day bring? Not sure, I am sure the phones are going to ring nonstop, I will have to approach Boss Dr with some of them and he is going to be miserable and crabby. He always is the day after a long weekend. So the figuratively speaking the party is over and it’s back to reality.


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2 Responses to Working in Reality TV

  1. rommel says:

    Love to read a Reality Blog. But yikes! the sad news is hard to hear. More of this please …. but not too much. Hehehe

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