The Stillness of Morning

The quiet is so beautiful here this early hour of the morning. All is still but for a few crickets in the yard and the faint sound of light traffic nearby. My sweet dog Honey breathes and snores next to me content now that she’s had her breakfast and morning outing. With the side porch door open my cat Cricket sits on her throne out there, watching whatever it is she watches, maybe snoozing a bit too.

This morning I awoke to Beth Hart singing ” Learning to Live “. Great song and great artist. As I laid in bed listening to the lyric’s I thought it to be the perfect way to start a day surely filled with the chaos of work. As I float through the hours to come of constant phone lines ringing, animals coming and going, surgeries to be done, staff moving about chatting and all of the dogs I have to groom this morning. The noise, movement, chatter will soon replace the peacefulness of this moment.

With August nearing its end I am also reminded, painfully, that summer is winding down. The warm days, tepid nights are waning. All of my pots and baskets filled with flowers are changing. Some are showing the signs of a beautiful summer filled with heat and sun and this year, very little rain. They are still in flower but getting leggy and burnt looking. Many still stand like flashy soldiers, bright, healthy, full of vigor and they make me smile inside because I know that I have done well by them this year. Some store-bought, some from seed, I have cared for them from the beginning and they have rewarded me greatly. It will be sad to see them leave in a month or so.

It has been a nice summer for me. I’ve kept busy, accomplished a few goals, gone to many a family party ( another this Sunday ) and hosted a small get together here at my house. I have even put into motion removal of a very large financial weight I’ve been carrying for almost 10 years. All of the paperwork is done, now it is down to the accountant and lawyer to work their ” magic ” for me. My goal was to have all of this emotional torture I’ve carried for too many years cleared from my life by the end of summer. It’s getting close and I’m praying that one goal will be complete by my timeline. Only then will all of my focus and I mean everything I do, think, say and save for will be about ITALY !

I MUST arrive in Naples on May 12, 2013. I have to. One hundred years to the day that my immigrant grandfather arrived in Boston. It has to be and I have to make it happen. I think it will be the greatest achievement of my life. He came here with nothing, barely able to speak English, worked, saved, built a business, married, raised 3 children and died way too young at the age of 56. ( Which is how old I will be when I get there. ) He did not live long enough to retire, see his grandchildren or reap the benefits of his labor.

My grandfather left 7 brothers and 6 sisters in Italy. One of each immigrated here but the rest stayed. As each passed on, further generations on both continents became separated more and more, until my research. I found them and I am going to meet them. ALL of them!

There is much to do, many, many hours to work to pay for this trip. It’s like living a fairytale, I am filled with wonder and peace as the sun rises, I muddle through my days and nights alone but when I wake to quiet I can plan my story, from beginning to end, in the stillness of the morning.

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6 Responses to The Stillness of Morning

  1. lexiesnana says:

    I love thie stillness of the morning and realize it is a blessing in the midst of a very busy life.Thank you for giving me a visual to remember this day.God’s speed on your quest.

    • I thank you for letting me know you stopped by my blog. The early morning has become the most pleasurable time of my day. I like to think that the quietness fills me with calm and balance to enter my daily life. I’m glad you feel the same.

  2. Beautiful post, which I was drawn to because I too love that quiet time when the day wakes. I am moved by your dream of reconnection with your family roots. It sounds like it means so much to you that I have no doubt you will succeed…enjoy, the journey and the destination! By the way, thanks for the visit and the like and I love your tagline, ‘Your character is your destiny’…

    • Oh, thank you so much for the kind words. Thanks also for stopping by to visit. Yes the trip to Italy is becoming a reality. Baby steps but I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. 😉
      My tagline came from a friend who is a World History author. He told me it was and Ancient Greek saying. It just seemed to fit who I am and what I believe.

  3. clinock says:

    Your dream and vision will come true because it comes from your heart and your family’s heart and you believe in it…

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