Here’s to Day 3!

Horses starting running at 9 am. I was there just minutes before and decided to try this shaded area called the ” Step Up’s ” for some photos. All of the higher level riders got to start in the cooler morning runs. How much cooler I’m not sure because it was pretty hot even that early. The crowds hadn’t built up yet and it was a nice refreshing spot. The down side was there was a tree directly in my view and I was trying to work around both that and a few other obstacles that might interfere.

I think I managed to get some pretty decent photo’s. These are the riders I’d been waiting to catch. The Future/Former National and Olympic riders, the ” Top Guns ” at this event. It’s pretty safe to say that this will be the closest I will ever come to this caliber of rider. They just blow me away.

Look at him, his feet like feathers in the stirrups, his seat not hardly touching the saddle, hands on the reigns just enough to guide his horse and his eyes straight ahead between the horses ears looking to the next jump. Two as one. In my eyes that’s the ticket.

There is something about catching a horse in mid-air that gives me a rush of adrenaline. What trust between these two beings there needs to be. To accomplish such a bond of that and security, it just blows me away. I want that.

It has been two years since my last visit to the Stuart Horse Trials. It’s also been two years since my last consecutive 4 days off from work. These past couple of days were so rewarding and relaxing. My camera skills will get worked on during the next year so that maybe I’ll get better at photographing events like this. Or photography period. I’m happy I had this chance to be around the horses.
Oh, just as a mention; I happened to be near ( by chance ) the hired professional Photographer for the event all three days. She told me that a grandson of a famous Race Horse was competing yesterday. He had been retired from the track and found in bad condition somewhere. A person purchased him, got him back into shape and healthy and he is now part of the ” Upper ” team. Many of the horses this weekend were previously “track” horses. Now they are loved, cared for and respected for the beautiful beings they are.

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One Response to Here’s to Day 3!

  1. Wonderful photos and I really enjoyed the way you wrote about the riders and their horses.

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