Stuart Horse Trials Day 1

It’s about a 30 minute drive to the site of the Stuart Horse Trials. I headed out after the heavy morning traffic. I found a nice parking spot and caught a golf cart shuttle to the Dressage Area. Watching Beginners Class for a few minutes and I got bored, so I wandered off to the place where I could hear an announcer calling out numbers and names. It was the Cross Country fields and I found a perfect little shady spot to plant myself.
While waiting for the next horse/rider to come into view I kept hearing these Bull Frogs. Two of them, croaking back and forth to each other. One was in the water and the other I could see was in the hole of a potted plant!

Bull Frog

Bull Frog gets best seat!

My lens wouldn’t let me get closer to him but you can see him sitting there so perfectly. Can you see him in the hole of the back pot? He got the best seat for this part of the race.
I watched all riders to the end of this Novice Class and went to get something to eat. Upon return to my cool spot I realized that the rider skill level had dropped to Beginners Novice. So I stayed and watched for another hour or so.
Novice Class Novice Jumper

Tomorrow is another day to watch and enjoy.



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