The Stuart Horse Trials


The only thing that I’ve looked forward to this summer are these Trials. I put in for the time off from work back in January, as soon as the dates for the event were listed. It is a 4 day event and competitors travel from all over to take part. I took this photo two years ago and hopefully have gained some better knowledge since then ie; the back of head in my shot. This year I will not be as timid and get to better vantage spot and I will be better prepared for what is to be coming at me. When I took this photo I was a bit too timid to go any closer, this year I will not be. I will find my spot and I will sit and wait.
Being around horses makes me so happy. I love their size, their smell, the feel of the ground when they go rushing by, the sound they make when they are walking, snorting, eating and that great whinny when they communicate. This is my four days of excitement, contentment and pure joy.
I had been asked to help as a volunteer both last year and this year. Last year at the 11th hour I could not go, even though I had put for the time off work ( months in advance ) I got “out ranked” and had to work. So this year when asked to volunteer I said no. I want to be a spectator, I want the freedom of walking around taking pictures, asking questions, meeting horses and new people. I pull six days a week every week. This is my measly mini vacation and I’m taking it to do something I enjoy and that makes me happy.
My camera is ready and batteries charged, a tiny wad of cash and plenty of sunscreen and I’m good to go! Here’s hoping my very limited camera skills get me some great shots.

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