Thunderstorms at 4 AM

A couple of hours have passed since one large, booming thunderstorm hovered over my bedroom. More likely it was over the whole city, but it felt like it was just my bedroom. I had 45 minutes before my alarm would sound but got up anyway. Concerned that I may have left a window open somewhere, I headed to my little side porch off the kitchen. Sure enough, I had not only left one open BUT I also left my poor kitty out there all night!!!! My sweet Cricket loves to snooze on the little spot I fixed for her, she watches the world pass and relishes time on her throne while the breezes swirl about her. Oh, I felt so bad knowing I had not noticed her last night when I locked up before bed! Lesson learned, I will double-check every night now…
Something about a thunderstorm exhilarates me. The power, energy and all of the rain which usually accompanies it. They shake up the world, cleanse it, give it life, it’s a force that can’t be ignored.
My father was terrified of thunder and lighting. He would always banish us to the basement during a storm. My dad was one of thousands who fought in Rhineland during WWII, he was creative, hard-working, sensitive, loved his 5 daughters to death and could hold his own with just about anyone. But throw in a thunderstorm and he’d melt like butter. I have always wondered if he feared them because his aunt (in Italy) was struck by lightning and killed. I wonder if his mother ( my nonna ) was the one who put the fear in him. It was her sister who had been killed. Not sure and will never know but I do wonder sometimes. My dad and I shared many of the same characteristics except for thunderstorms, so long as I am under protective cover I love a big booming thunderstorm.
One little plus to this mornings event is that I don’t have to water all of my plants! Weather reports are calling for 90’s today, my many pots and flowers will be so happy.  Cricket on the other hand is still mad at me…….

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3 Responses to Thunderstorms at 4 AM

  1. clinock says:

    Great writing – thank you for visiting art rat cafe – I’ll be back…

  2. clinock says:

    I once dreamed that a thunderstorm would kill me. My grandmother was of old Celtic stock and had many superstitions, including what one must do in thunderstorms – she covered all mirrors in the house, made sure that no cutlery was crossed and insisted that all curtains were drawn. She would then hide under the bed until the storm had passed. I’ve just discovered that you are following art rat cafe, although I received no email notification. Thank you, I am honoured…

    • Grandmothers! It would be interesting to know where those superstitions generated from. I know that my grandmother passed her fear on to my father and luckily it stopped there. Personally, I love a big thunderstorm, the power and force and ability to ” shake things up” so to speak.
      I thought it would be fun to have a bunch of people to join my little Altered Book project, but I guess no one else seems to feel the same. Maybe I didn’t explain it right or something. I’ve done it before locally with 13 other people. I ended up with some pretty cool art work in one book! I have another idea that may work out better. We’ll see.
      So thank you for stopping back and yes, I like your blog.

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