The Countdown

So begins my countdown to June 2013… goal, my dream to visit Melfi, Italy and my  found family. At this point my lists are pretty simple, meet as many family members as is possible while I’m there, visit church and municipal archives which will hold more documents of relatives. I want to see how far back I can go in records. There is also the search for relatives on my nonna’s side. Most of which have eluded me here in the states. My grandparents were married here in America but from the same village in Italy. 

I have much to do in this year ahead. Working on my Italian is going to be one of my main focuses. It will be of great help to be able to speak more freely, to understand and to be understood. There are gifts I’d like to take to them. Some I will make and some I will purchase. My nonno was one of 11 children born in the later part of the 1800’s obviously they have all passed, but some of their children are alive. My fathers generation. These are the people I am most excited to meet. It would be nice to hear of whatever memories they have. 

I have no doubt that the year will pass faster than I think. June 2013….wait for me.


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2 Responses to The Countdown

  1. Kzinti says:

    I love the goal. I certainly hope that things work out so that you can go. I had some bad news and some good news for you. First, the bad news. Those bricks you sent me were all Tyco bricks. Not much of a market for them I’m afraid. Good news? Well, I have been collecting similar “junk” bricks for a long time and started putting them together the other day. Need to weigh them out, but think there is something like over a hundred pounds worth of them.

    I think I’ll post it up on Craigslist and whatever it brings in, consider that my contribution to your Melfi fund. Just have to finish getting them all together from every corner of the basement. I’ll let you know what happens!

  2. Well now, here I was thinking those little blocks were to help you out! They were going to get tossed anyway….
    The day after I wrote this post something came to me; I remembered seeing my grandfathers arrival date into the Port of Boston, May 1913. It sent chills up my spine. So, I am thinking that now I should plan to arrive in Naples, Italy in May 2013. I might even go so far as to leave from Boston, take his route in reverse 100 years later.

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