Market & Festival’s

Last nights ” Super ” moon seems to have carried over to the sun today. It’s quite pretty here in my little corner of the world this morning. Slightly cool for my taste, under 70, but still an absolutely beautiful morning.
I set out some of my little seedlings to bask in the sun and open air. I’ve been tending them with great care for what seems like weeks now. A few are lagging but most are starting to slowly grow up and look strong. These are my supplements to what I will purchase to fill my pots on the patio. Each year I experiment with combinations of color, texture and design.
Today my friend Sue and I are off to the Public Market, it is the first Sunday of a string called ” Flower Day’s “. Vendors come from far and wide selling a vast array of plants, herbs, flowers and everything that goes with them. What a great day to kick it off.
In a week or so will be the beginning of the Lilac Festival which is usually the first of many, many festivals here. Rochester NY in it’s early days was known for it’s Flour Mills because it is on the Genesee River. It has morphed into the Flower City with the passing of a 150 years or so. Starting in May with the Lilac Festival, we Rochesterian’s tend to celebrate everything from Flowers, to Jazz and music Festivals, Street Festivals such as the Park Ave Festival, Art Festivals such as the Historic Corn Hill Art’s Festival, the Clothes Line Art Festival is part of the Art Museum. There’s a Festival for just about anything you can think of. There is even a River Run which is a race for the Crew crowd. There’s the Harbor Festival on Lake Ontario Beach, oh I think I could go on forever.
It’s not all of what this city is about but it sure is a huge part of summer here. I love summer, I love my city.

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One Response to Market & Festival’s

  1. Kzinti says:

    I love the Lilac Days Parade they have in Illinois every year. Down in Kansas City, there are some few festivals and such, but I probably don’t get out enough to name them all.

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