What Storm?

Folks around here were in a panick on Tuesday. Everyone chirped like Chicken Little endlessly carrying on about the “Super Blizzard” that was headed our way. I’ll admit I was concerned as my car truly sucks in the snow. It’s backend is all over the road, sliding back and forth and causing me great distress. I’m a great driver, especially on snowy roads. I grew up here, took my road test the morning after a huge storm. Back in the days when all cars were rear wheel drive. It was a big ol Ford Stationwagon that belonged to my father. The tester guy told me parallel park in a spot that he selected, well I did what he said and we got stuck. So, I rocked it; forward/reverse, forward/reverse until we were out. Letting the car do the work and NOT spinning the tires by hitting the gas. Doing that only digs you deeper. He passed me on the spot. Told me he never saw a kid that had so much control of a vehicle in that much snow. But this car is light, has no muscle and is front wheel drive. Whimpy. I live 15 miles from work and let me tell you it is one hell of a drive in this weather. Especially the days I have to take Honey with me because I worry about going off the road with her in the car.

So, I heeded all of the forecaster warnings and rebooked all of my grooming dogs and found a replacement for my night shift. I left Tuesday @ noon ( my short day ) went to my hair appointment and came home. We hunkered in, Cricket, Honey and I for the massive wave of snow that was predicted to head our direction.

When I got up yesterday I instantly went to the window; yeah snow had fallen and I secretly patted myself on the back for hiring a plow guy. I had to shovel a path to the back gate for Honey to get to but that was mostly drifted snow that blows up the driveway. All the news reports said 18 to 24″ and I can assure you it didn’t even come close. I had maybe 8 – 10″ at best. Snap.

I do feel sorry for all of the other places that got hammered. Down state NY is not equipped to handle these large numbers, it paralyzes them. As with many other cities that this storm blanketed, it’s unusual and rare for them. For us it is Winter.

This morning I will head to work on slippery roads and white knuckle it the whole way. I may even set the record for getting the bird from many drivers that pass me because I go slow enough to stay on the road. But I will go to work with my precious cargo named Honey and spend my 10-12 hours making crap pay and busting my butt. On my journey I will dream of being in some place warm enough to wear flip-flops, shorts and a tank top. I will think of sunshine and hot breezes and the feel of a little sweat on my skin.

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