Truly a challenge

Two weeks before Christmas I received an email titled “Teenagers in Love”. It was a request to do one of my art books for a repeat client named Sharon. Actually, it was for her son Tyler ( age 17 ) to give his girlfriend on their 1st aniversary. Sweet as the idea was at first, after I said yes I realized I was in big trouble. I was given an email list of restaurants, movies and things they’ve done together. None of which fit into my stockpile of supplies. I’m so over the High School thing at 54!

Rather than make the book from scratch, I used a precut book and worked off of that. Her colors were also not in my pallet, so a trip to my supply store was in order. The restaurant list was extensive so I just used the idea that they enjoy eating out. Then came the movie thing. I wracked my creative brain on that one too and decided to work up a movie page as well. Her color list included black lace and designer fashions, so I incorporated as much of that as possible. Proms and High Schools were on the list. They each go to different Private Catholic schools, both with “Q” in their names. There is always only one “Q” in an alphabet set, imagine that. So, I focused on the school colors.

This was truly a stretch for me. I had absolutely NO emotional investment in creating something from nothing. Nor could I relate in any way as I have never met either of these two. Usually it’s one or the other. I spent all of New Years Eve day and most of New Years Day finishing it up so that he could present it to her that evening. I was near a comatose state by the time it was finished. He had his mother, Sharon, pick it up from me and I have not heard a word since. I am assuming he was dissapointed. Actually, I am not thrilled with the result, however, given the time frame and lack of any ephemera to use, I think it came out okay.

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2 Responses to Truly a challenge

  1. Kzinti says:

    Well, I hope that with the effort you put into it that it is received well. Be sure to let us know!

  2. Never heard a single word. Good or bad.

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