The Doors have opened

My letters to Melfi, Italy have worked! So far I have gotten 4 emails. They are all so kind and happy to hear from “America”! If I ever get a chance to get there, I have at least three places to stay.

The first to email me was Tiziana. She is the grand-daughter of my father’s cousin Palmina. Tiziana said that her grandmother was so excited to hear about the family in America that she has always wondered about. Palmina gave me all of the names of my grandfathers siblings, one being her father, Luigi. I don’t even know how to describe in words what my heart feels!

The second email came from a man named Antonio. His email was difficult ( at best ) to understand. It came in Italian and I translated it into English but even with that I didn’t understand completely what he was trying to explain. But, he offered his home to me so that I could come to Melfi to ” find my roots”.

The third was from Filomena, who is Palmina’s daughter. She too was so excited that I sent the letter. She told me she had searched Facebook but couldn’t find me. No surprise there. I think they are flabbergasted. I know that many of them have wondered what kind of family they have here, as much as I have about them. Filomena and I are now friends on Facebook and there is another home whose doors are wide open to me.

Today I received and email from Giuseppe. He is the grandson of Michelina who is my father’s cousin. Again, more information on that line of the family. No invite. ha ha, smart guy.

This has all been going on since Friday morning. I get up around 4:45 am, feed Honey and let her out. Get my coffee, let Honey in and sit at my computer until it’s time for work. To say it broke my morning routine is an understatement! I am still having a hard time getting back to reality. I have so many questions, so many things I want to share and now so very many people to add to my list of family. Already I am thinking of ways to raise money to get there, what I can send each family group for Christmas and on, and on, and on. ( insert joke: my car has been dead since Thursday and I laughed thinking ” I can’t even get myself to work, how the hell am I gonna get to Italy!!!” )

I have to say, this is the most awesome feeling in the world right now.

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One Response to The Doors have opened

  1. Kzinti says:

    What a terrific response already!

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