On a happier note….

I have a habit of checking Craigs List everyday, sometimes twice a day. A week ago I happened upon someone selling some nice studio chair/stools. They’re the kind that you’d find more in a music studio than an art studio but they’re cushy and the seats rotate and raise/lower. Have been wishing for one but they’re quite pricey new. My work table is really just an old hollow core door that I have on cheap wooden shelves. It is just about counter height, 36″ which is perfect for me except for the fact that I am on my feet all day, every day. Using the basic wooden stool is not only uncomfortable but difficult to get on/off of and there is no good place to rest my feet.

The seller lives about 30 minutes outside of the city so I drove to his house on Sunday. Turns out he’s an artist also. Well, retireing artist. He obviously has health issues so he and his wife are moving – downsizing – and he is getting rid of a large portion of his studio. He had guitars everywhere and books and books of his drawings. I was asked to bring some of my pieces, hesitant, I left them in the car until I got a handle on why. Guess he was just curious and after talking with him for a bit I felt better about showing my work.

He seemed impressed, but I never really know if people are being nice or genuinely like what they see. After our “transaction” of chair & $$ he asked me to send him more photos via email. He told me he had people he wanted to show my work to. I’ve heard that before but decided that it wouldn’t hurt anything, so I opened a Picasa account, created a few albums of different pieces and sent him one. ** On a side note; I found Picasa to be easy, seamless and a quality site for photo sharing ** We’ll see what, if anything comes of it.

In the meantime….the chair is awesome! It is so comfortable and with the seat swiveling I can get on/off with such ease. These picutres were taken before I accuried it and only show part of the studio. Actually I took them to show the cool lights I got. As you can tell it’s in the basement, knotty pine covered walls and the lighting sucked, it was so dark and I needed to brighten it up. Hoping to avoid those “shop lights” I dressed it up with party lights and two funky chandelier style lights.

Happy Lights

Makes me smile


There, you have a visual. This is the place I play, rock out with my tunes, express part of my creativity, make things for people and very often fight with my inner critic. It’s a happy place and a space that provides me the opportunity to be free, smile inside and feel good about myself for the most part.

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2 Responses to On a happier note….

  1. Kzinti says:

    Sounds like a wonderful place to be. Even better now that the chairs are comfy. =)

  2. Everyone needs a fun place! ……with cushy seating…..

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