Goodbye Harley Davidson


Tuesdays are my only short days. I work until 12:30 or so and yesterday was basically uneventful except that Harley was there. My little buddy and I was so happy to see him! He was scheduled for a Tumor Removal in the afternoon and that meant no treats, so I handed him lots of petting and sweet talk, which he seemed to enjoy just as much. It was just like old times, me and Harley ~ the little dog that I totally and unexpectedly bonded with back around September while he boarded with us. The day he came for boarding he also came with a brand new cart that he had no clue how to use. His back legs were not working and his family got him the cart so he could live as normal a life as was possible. We worked with him and within a very short period of time I had him tooling around the hospital. We got so close that one day I found him outside the restroom waiting for me!  Before appointments started I would let him wander the hospital and he'd gotten to like chasing me from room to room. It was fun to watch him enjoy his new found freedom and so heartwarming to watch the transformation from a depressed and bored dog to a mobile, functioning and happy little dog.

So last night I find out that Harley's tumor removal would not save him. His family came back to the hospital to be with him in his final moments. I was shocked and am very sad. I feel so bad for them as they truly tried everything to make him happy and comfortable while he was here. They are to be commended for that, most people would not go to the lengths or expense.

I learned a lot from Harley. About myself and about dogs. I will always remember him.


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