Are you sure a dog is just a dog?

Since it was late when I got home from work last night I didn't check my emails until early this morning. Having posted some things on CriagsList Tues I was curious if I had any bites on my stuff. Legitimate bites not the wretched spamer ones. I need the extra cash and getting rid of a few things I don't need/use is a good option. Looking through my list I see this email from my sister: 

So, I am on my way into work today-it's a great morning, I have a great attitude, I'm even early for once this week- then on Washington street in Pittsford an oncoming car flashes their lights, so I slow down. I see up ahead a large thing in the road-at first I think it's a deer, but it's too small, as I get closer I realize it is a dog -a fairly large dog- and he is standing in the middle of the road.  I put my flashers on and inch closer as he doesn't seem fazed at all by my car I am a little concerned that someone else will hit him.  I get out slowly and realize he is pushing something with his nose and he keeps doing it.  I get closer and see that he is moving a cat that has gotten hit by a car.  I try to get a hold of the dog but he keeps moving away from me, I couldn't get a good enough look to see if he/she had a collar. I finally had to get back in my car. Several people behind me tried the same thing but he wouldn't come near anyone, only went
 back to the cat when the people moved.  
I don't know how this turned out-I only know that that poor dog lost a friend today and he was trying to get him/her out of the road..
I have never witnessed anything like this with animals, they probably played and fought for years..I balled my eyes out all the to work..

Sorry for ruining your days-but thanks for listening..

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7 Responses to Are you sure a dog is just a dog?

  1. Sophie says:

    This is really sad; I often think that animals are more intelligent than we give them credit for..

  2. I agree, they are so uniquely intuative and if given the chance, have so much to offer.

  3. Kzinti says:

    That is very sad indeed. Wow.

  4. *wipes tears* that is why I don't let my kitties outside

  5. Yeah. Getting that email from her was disturbing to me on a couple of levels. One just the content and two I've never been good about my sister crying. I always took care of my two younger sisters and hated to have them sad or unhappy.
    These things probably happen more often than we'd like to know about. I've noticed that my posts have been downers lately so I am going to write about something more upbeat.

  6. It's so much better for them! This road is in a very affluent area and connects two towns. It's a reminder that affluence doesn't always jive with common sense.

  7. Catalina says:

    What a sad, but strangely sweet story.

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