The Blind Side


Saw it – LOVED it! Fantastic movie. I've read a few reviews so far this morning and they weren't glowing but I didn't expect that. I'm a sucker for true stories and cheering on the underdog – this one didn't fail to bring it's point home. Or to tug at consciousness and a few heartstrings. The fear of it being a major tearjerker was dispelled with Sandra Bullocks strong, self confident character and her ability to be a fine and truly dedicated actress. Not a huge Tim McGraw fan but he did a great job and I actually forgot who he was until about halfway through the movie. Maybe that means he's a good actor too. I saw him in Saturday Night Lights and though I loved that movie I just don't get the draw to him. Maybe it's because I can't stand his wife Faith Hill.

The Blind Side will be on my "buy" list when it's out on DVD. I know that New Moon is the blockbuster of the weekend here, but The Blind Side was sooooooooooo worth fighting New Moon crowds for.

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2 Responses to The Blind Side

  1. Kzinti says:

    This is one I have on my want to see list.

  2. I'll pay to see it again. Loved it, had some great funny parts. But you sure could see how easy it was for her to take this sizeable child on. Funny thing about Sandras character is that – if you really pay attention – she has depth, is compassionate and caring, she just doesn't dwell on it. She acts on it. The reviews I read didn't address that part of her character, sadly. Let me know what you think of it when you see it.

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