Amazing Will To Live

This is a true story, it happened yesterday. A group of construction workers were getting ready to pour concrete into 20 foot deep holes they had dug the previous day. For whatever reason there was a few moments of silence, all machines had stopped running simultaneously and the men heard a faint meow. Barely audible but they all agreed they heard it and started to look around and follow the sound. The search narrowed to the hole in the ground, someone pointed a flashlight down into the hole. There it was……..a baby kitten, screaming and trying desperately to climb out. The men were not only shocked but also shaken because within just a few minutes they would have poured to fill that 20 foot hole. Then the ideas for rescue started to pass among them. The first attempt was a success, a line was dropped into the hole with a piece of wood attached. The kitten imediately grabed on to the wood piece and was raised up and out of his living hell. The next step was to get him wrapped up and warmed. He was wet, cold and covered with concrete and dirt.

It's the middle of the afternoon at the animal hospital and because Dr Boss is on va/ca in Portuagal, we're pretty slow. We have a fill in Vet there to pick up a few appts and sort of hang out while our other Dr does her surgeries. So, I'm stocking exam rooms and hear a mans voice in the lobby saying something like "Please help him". Unlike last weeks kitty emergency which came in sceaming and crying and sent the whole staff into instant emergency mode, this big construction guy comes strolling into the room I'm stocking with the receptionist who tells me to get fill in Dr. Which I really didn't need to because she heard some of what was going on and imediately left the newspaper she was reading and came. The guy, Evan, gently hands kitten off to Dr and Tech. He's visibly shaken but not hysterical, eyes a bit red, hands steady. He says to staff "Can you please help him, he wants to live." We all sort of looked at him…what an odd statement. But then he tells us the story of rescue.

Sometimes I wonder how many times a heart can break. Like what's the limit? Is there one? But back to the task at hand….we run warm tap water in the sink and Tech & I try to get him both warmed and rinsed of the amazing amount of concrete and dirt covering his tiny body. The calls come from Dr; Crash Kit, warmy socks, towels, cold tray, eye clean solution, IV and LRS and so on. What are the chances that Bonnie just took a full load of clean towels out of the dryer?! Now we wrap kitten in warm towels and start the accessment of his condition. Heart and lungs good. Hydration a bit ify but not critical. The eyes, well there's the main problem. He had so much grit inside his eyes that it scratched both his cornea's. It took us a good half hour to clean that crud out of his tiny eyeballs. Fill in Dr had Evan (kittens savior) get info about the chemical make up of the concrete. It wasn't dreadful but risky. So, while Tech and I comence to start a second bath, and feed this now better but very hungry kitten, fill in Dr sets to putting up meds for his eyes and pain. About an hour later Evan walks out of the hospital with a mostly clean, no longer starving and cold kitten. He is keeping the kitten. Names got mentioned but I think he settled on Mason.

I think about the "what ifs" and cringe. Then I think about this tiny little baby, feral no doubt, in the wrong place at the wrong time, screaming literally for his life. Cry? Oh yeah, all the way home last night. But tears of happiness and some of sadness because I just can't imagine being in his situation.

Ok, ok, ok so I cried about being way too old for the construction guy 'cause he was smokin' hot! And him being so kind and gentle to a baby kitten upped that by many notches! Great catch for a 20 something.

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7 Responses to Amazing Will To Live

  1. lauowolf says:

    Guys can be really, really great.Feel like you want to put a radio tracer on this one, in case you run into a 20-something woman who could deserve him.KITTEN WIN!!!!w00000T!!!!!

  2. Got her lined up and she'll be there when he comes in for the re-check tomorrow! If all goes well…'d be a GREAT match!

  3. Same here. She's young, beautiful, smart, loving and 2 months ago walked in on her boyfriend in bed with another girl. She deserves a great guy.

  4. Kzinti says:

    My eyes are leaking a bit here. But in a really good way…

  5. Ahh, Kzinti! This is stuff you hear about somewhere else, not standing right in front of you! I saw it with my own eyes. I can't wait to see him again, I bet he grows up to be the best kitty ever.

  6. Kzinti says:

    Sounds like a wonderful story to send in to the reader's digest. They always have stories like that, ones that make my eyes leak a bit around the edges…

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