In the wee small hours


01 - Dansé
Zachary Richard


As I have posted here recently, between work and my ASL class I don't have nights free. Saturdays I do part-time grooming and Sunday is my catch up day. A day for laundry and visiting etc. The weeks just seem to fly by and at times it's frustrating to not do anything other than work. Chasing that almighty dollar to stay afloat. But my work is rewarding and my life….well it's okay, now.

Recently I have felt that inner draw to get back into my studio. That leaves me the very early hours of the morning. So I take a cup of hot coffee and my Ipod down into the basement and enter my "other" world. My world of peace, my favorite music, my papers, trinkets, inks, brushes, stamps, powders, paints and other assorted sundries that make my life complete. I will pull a pre cut card out of my drawer, it's white and blank and staring at me. It calls out to me "make me something beautiful", so I start. Looking over the tons of paper I wait until I "feel" something from one color or pattern and that's my base. Sometimes I can start and finish in one session, other times it takes me a few days and then there are those times that I have to fight my way through because nothing feels right. But I've made it a habit to finish one piece before I start another.


Right now I am working 5" x 7" premade cardstock because I can focus on the art right out of the box and because for selling purposes it's a cheaper price point and something that most people will put into a frame and hang on the wall but if they want to give the card they can do that too. Each card is signed "Mountain Gypsy Studio" along with the year and my name. This was a promise I made to a fellow artist years back. Her name is Cheryl Olney and she is one of the most influential people I have been lucky enough to have had in my life. During the absolute worst years of my adult life I worked for her and her husband Don in their studio. She happened to see my work one day and asked to see more which I sheepishly supplied. Admitedly, I was very nervous as Cheryl & Don have made art for The White House, Lincoln Center and many other high end places of which I can't remember right now.

It was Cheryl's suggestion that I work on the 5" x 7" cards for the reasons mentioned but she made me promise a couple of other things. First and foremost that I sign each and every piece. She insisted I call myself an artist and that I work with Archival and Acid free products. As for calling myself an artist I sort of argued with her a bit and then she said, "There is art and there is hobby, you are art!" They actually asked me to take bases of their work and do my work on them. That was a defining moment for me.

So, here are a few of the pieces I've made over the past few weeks in the wee, wee hours of the morning. And, I apologize for the photo quality. I just took fast shots for my records, I won't win any awards for photography and that's okay with me.





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4 Responses to In the wee small hours

  1. What a wonderful mentor was sent your way! You are indeed an artist.

  2. Mentor yes, angel most definately. And thank you FD!

  3. Kzinti says:

    Very nice work indeed!

  4. Oh, thank you. I wish I could figure out how to take better pictures.

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