I used to be Snow White…but I drifted

Mae West.

A bit of humor to end what seemed like the never ending week. Boss Dr left yesterday for Portugal with his wife and one son. The other son is in college at FL State. His preparation for this 10 day va/ca drove us all nuts. So many cases to get put into place and cover. Plus on Thursday he did a Cruciate Repair on a very nasty dog. Expensive and intense surgery that always gets him "twitching" all over the hospital. Until he actually gets into the surgery room he's edgy and stressed, once he's in there he settles but the 45 minute prep time is brutal with him around. Usually we keep them overnight but this dog is vicious so we sent him home that night. We finished appointments at around 7 pm. then headed on to treatments. I helped get those done and got most everything cleaned up in Surgery, Xray, Prep Room and Treatment area while Dr did his charts and Tech started her Lab work.

It was Bonnie's first shift back from her rough week of dealing with her Twin Sister's death. She looked like shit and I felt so bad for her. Plus she was sick which added insult to injury. Yesterday was the first day in two weeks that I only had to do my jobs and not hers too. I was glad she was back. I had three dogs for grooming and finished around 1 o'clock. I ran out an grabbed some lunch and came back to eat it. Bonnie and I talked for a bit and then I changed into my T/A clothes and clocked in to start afternoon appts. Dr Trish had a full block so I knew we'd be busy. Clients started coming in at 2 and off we went. We had one client in a room and she had just started that appt when SUDDENLY the front door opens and in comes this young woman SCREAMING and crying with her limp cat and just hands it over to one of the receptionists. All of a sudden everything changed…..it was mad chaos. Techs running, Dr T running, me running. Crash Kit, Oxygen Tank on, syringes, CPR, Trach Tube, IV's started…..if I heard my name once I heard it a hundred times……."Jacquie get me" Meanwhile this poor girl was just hysterical and whaling so loudly it was painful. And we had clients everywhere. Just hearing her cry made them cry, it was so hard to keep it together back where we were. Some left. Those in exam rooms stayed. Working on this beautiful 9 month old kitty were Dr, me, Melissa, Darryl and Bonnie in the background doing whatever she could. Dr kept ordering more Epy from me and I kept drawing it up for her, one cc at a time. There was no time to put every sharp in the sharps container, there were syringes everywhere and I just kept grabbing them in between orders and throwing them in the sink. They continued CPR and we all worked on this cat to no avail. He was gone. He came in with no pulse and no heartbeat and we were never able to get him back. Dr Trish called it. Then the crying started in our room. I remembered this kitty. He was so sweet, I was the holder for his first visit as a kitten, I was there the day he got neutered, I stayed with him during recovery. A few minutes to gather ourselves and Dr Trish took a deep breath and went to tell the young lady……silence for a second and then…….the girl lost it. It was a shitty deal all the way around. She was unconsolable. And rightfully so, one minute he was greeting her at the door and the next he got stiff, meowed out loud and dropped unconsious. Now he's dead. It was a heavy blow.

Bonnie left for a while, it was way more than she could handle after what she'd just been through. My heart broke for her too. We had to gather ourselves and get back on track. It took about an hour for all of us to regroup but we all pushed forward and got through the rest of the day. I started at 7:30 yesterday morning and got home around 7:30 last night so thankful if was Friday. Today I have a couple of dogs to groom at my nieces kennel and then I'm done. I plan to get to things I've been wanting to do for weeks now. Small things like packing my summer clothes and overdue stupid cleaning.

I need a break.

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2 Responses to I used to be Snow White…but I drifted

  1. Kzinti says:

    Holy moses! What high drama with the poor kitty. Did they find out anything that may have killed it? Something it ate or something?

  2. Yeah Holy moses is right! Our receptionist was able to get a list of possibles out of his owner, medications in the house, poison questions and so forth. But everything she came to us with didn't match his presentation. Dr Trish thinks the only viable explanation would be a heart thing. I think she said embulism but I'm not sure. Presentations like that usually are heart related, it's just so sad though because he wasn't even a year old yet.

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