It’s only Tuesday

While at Sue's on Sunday I got a very sad call from my coworker Bonnie. She was crying hysterically and I could barely make out what she was trying to tell me. Her twin sister was killed instantly in an ATV accident in NH. Oh my God… was horrible. Her sister had never been on an ATV before Sunday – and yes she was wearing a helmet. Apparently she was part of a fund raising event for Walmart. While on the trail there was one sharp curve after which she navigated but spotted an accident between a jogger and bicycalist just as she turned the corner. In an effort to avoid them she turned too quickly and went down a steep embankment. Even with a helmet on she hit the tree below so hard she fractured her skull and broke her neck. Next behind her was her dear friend – an EMT….he ran down the steep hill and tried to start CPR but she was gone. They say she died instantly.

Bonnie was close to her twin, Betty. She left yesterday morning for NH. Her brother in law has no living relatives and Bonnie is the closest both emotionally and distance wise. Bonnie always talks about her twin sister, shows pictures regularly and had just gone to share her 30th wedding aniversary a month ago. Every summer Bonnie rents a cottage on Canandaigua Lake for a week. Betty and her husband come every year and I always hear what a good time they all have. Bonnie called me last night, she sounds a little bit better than she did on Sunday but I think being there and helping with the funeral arrangements and taking care of her b/i/law is helping her in some way. She was worried about me taking all of her hours as we have no other kennel person other than she and I. Not to worry, it'll all get done Bonnie. The staff is upset for her and one of the really nice things about working at our Hosptial is that we all pull together during times like this. We deal with emergencies every day. We are compassionate & caring people. You take care of you and we'll take care of the rest.

It's gonna be a long week. I will only have about an hour to study before class tonight. I fear I am falling behind. It would be so nice to have a study partner. I'm thinking that if I don't feel like I've really got this language solid by the end of the beginners session, I will repeat it. Rochester Institute of Technology offers a degree program in ASL Translation that I'd love to look into. I think I've done okay so far considering I don't get the study time I feel I should have. I love what I do now but my body doesn't. At 53 the signs of age are creeping up on me and I am not the agile body I used to be. I can't just pick up 60 lb dogs anymore, I can't kneel and get up again like I used to, my back hurts while holding dogs and my hands cramp up while holding cats. I'm okay most of the time while grooming because it's just a matter of standing a lot. That time is running out as well and I need to start seriously thinking about another job that is less physical and pays better.

Speaking of pay….time to go and earn some.  

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3 Responses to It’s only Tuesday

  1. Oh no. :(I am so sorry to hear about Bonnie's sister. This is so tragic. My heart goes out to Bonnie and her family and friends and to you too.

  2. Thank you my fellow gypsy….
    Bonnie has a long road to travel, I will continue to be on the sidelines and ready to step closer should she want. She has called me every day so far, I think just to talk.
    Yes, my ASL class is important to me. I do enjoy it and though I've always wanted to learn a language like French or Latin….here I am…speachless! Or better yet…like a true Italian – talking w/my hands!!! Ha. Guess I'm proof you gotta grab the ring when it comes your way 'cause you just never know.

  3. Kzinti says:

    Twins are one of the tightest bonds. SO sorry to hear.

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