Sleep & the change of seasons

We are in the midst of the changing of seasons. Here in Western NY state the leaves are starting to change, the air is much cooler and the rain clouds have been passing through a few days at a time. I broke down last week and turned the furnace on a few times and shut it off again so as to save $$. Also, I reluctantly opened the blanket chest and unwrapped my winter bedding. Two sets of acrylic sheets and my precious super thick down comforter. It's a luxury I give myself, a soft and sumptuous bed. For me, there is nothing better than waking up without an alarm on a Sunday morning wrapped in warm, soft sheets.
Not really sure exactly why but since Friday all I want to do is sleep. I have no energy whatsoever. Maybe it's the kittens, maybe it's the crazy little dog I'm watching for my friend, it could be that I didn't get a day off this week having worked yesterday morning for a fellow employee who was sick, or the change in seasons. Who knows, I just know I'm tired and going to bed last night was just plain fabulous. Even if I had to set that little alarm switch to "on."
I have been down in my studio though. That makes me happy. Have managed to put a few small cards together. The $12 size is 5×7". My sister is doing a show in November and likes to take some of my artwork with her for her booth. I have about 6 done and am working on more. Tomorrow is my only short day at the animal hospital and I'll have a few hours to go down and put together a few more things. Before my ASL class at 6:30, which I need to study one more time for.
My friend Sue should be back in town either today or tomorrow. She flew to NM to meet up with her cousin so they could drive to NY together. I've talked to her a couple of times, they're having a blast. I'm so jealous. Her cousin has 4 dogs with them and is going to stay here at Sue's until the end of October. They've shopped, done the RT 66 thing and done a bit of sightseeing. Sue told me the other day that her cousin brought her trailer so that she'd have extra room in case she finds big items to purchase! What a life huh?!
Well, I'm off to feed kittens and gather them up with two dogs – all to go to work. Sleep will have to wait.

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2 Responses to Sleep & the change of seasons

  1. Kzinti says:

    Yeah, I like sleeping cold but in a warm bed. This morning, I kept kicking the covers off and tehn when I'd get cold, I'd scoot back under them. Could have slept 20 hours today. Sheesh, it's been a long week.

  2. Sleeping with the window opened a bit in the winter is the best. Can't do it in this house for security reasons. The days all seem to run into each other don't they?

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