What Luck

Remember last week when I said I had purchased a portable external hard drive? I installed it Wednesday morning, all went well. My computer is getting old and though there isn't really a lot on it, I do have lots of photos, music and small random things I wanted to secure….just in case.
I posted about the Woodchuck/Puppy and within an hour my computer turned itself off and will not restart!!!! Now what are the chances that I'd have gotten the most important things backed up
just in the nick of time? My dear friend Sue just got a screamin' new computer a couple of weeks ago and so loaned me this one until I can get mine fixed. It didn't take me long to load my internet software and get it configured and here I am….back on line. Good friends are great to have. I'd rather have a small amount of REAL friends than lots of just friends. She has always been there for me. I love that. She is the reason I am living in this house and have my dear Honey with me too.
So now I can study my ASL homework before class on Tuesday night. That's a big relief as well because I have never been a fabulous student. This class means a lot to me and I really want to do well.
So since I had been without internet since Wednesday, I should go and check what my cool VOX  neighbors have been up to.

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3 Responses to What Luck

  1. Farfaraway says:

    True friends are precious beyond description…good thing you have one (or more!) to help you out. I know I couldn't live without mine.

  2. Kzinti says:

    Exactly, what a stroke of luck. Usually it craps out on you just before you get something like that done. Better go play the lottery. LOL

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