Puppy or Woodchuck?

Took this photo last week, he's much bigger now and looking more like a puppy than a woodchuck (gopher to some) this week. Born to an unstable female German Shepherd and created with 7 year old frozen sperm. Yeah, people are stupid and this one is a piece of work. Can't stand her but have to keep my mouth shut as she is a "special" client of boss Dr. (Won't take much imagination to figure that one out.) She had a very nice male shepherd that she neutered because his hips were so bad, before she did that she saved his sperm. Long story short….he died. So she got this female to use his sperm with to get "another" just like her male because she couldn't live without him. Nut job. A normal healthy person would understand that our time with our dogs is limited. Enjoy them, love them and hurt when they go. Be thankful for their precence in our lives, how they emotionally can save us, love us and protect us both physically and emotionally. So, this breeding turned to disaster when the female couldn't deliver. The first two puppies were born alive, one with it's intestines prolapsing out of it's umbilical opening and this one above with no tail and possible rectal/colon issues. The other three born dead. We had to euthanize the one with the prolapse. Sick, sick, sick. Boss Dr and tech had to "talk her into" not euthanizing this pup. The statement from her was "I breed for perfection"! I wanted to vomit! Perfection?! How does that work? The sperm was 7 years old and it was from a dog that had Hip Dysplasia!! Hello?????? So boss Dr took this little guy to bottle feed and there you have it.

It'll take some time to see for sure what this little guys issues will end up being. My bet is he'll be an awesome dog…..with no tail. Strong and like a true German Shepherd, will have the Heart of a Hero. In the meantime, I get to hold him and love him up, and that's all good.

But he still looks like a woodchuck to me.

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One Response to Puppy or Woodchuck?

  1. Kzinti says:

    Poor little guy…

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