Harley the wonder Corgi

I remembered to take my camera yesterday. This is my little buddy Harley I spoke about in my last post. After returning from his morning walk I fed him his breakfast  while still in his "wheels". A bit of food and a biscuit with a dab of peanut butter on it, he likes that.

In all honesty I have never been a fan of Corgi's. Just about every one I've ever known has some kind of issue. Either they're biters, obstinate, bark constantly…it's always something unpleasant and or annoying. Add to that I was pretty pissy myself about having to lug this dog around to get him in the cart, down the stairs, through the parking lot to the walk yard…..and all of that in reverse again. He's heavy and on the larger side, not to mention he can't move his back end and he's so damn low to the ground it really is an effort to lift him into the cart. What sucked more is that unless you remember to put your own foot behind one wheel, the darn thing won't stay still and you're trying to get his two stubby little legs into their proper holes!

That was last week. Monday I gave him his bath, yesterday I sat on the floor where he's standing now in the picture and meticulasly brushed and combed his coat. He loved it! Just laid his head down and let me get all of that undercoat out. By this morning when I got there he was glued to my side. And me to him. How the hell did I fall in love with this little Corgi? (well, okay not so little but you know what I mean) I helped Bonnie get him hooked up and outside for his morning walk and back in again. It was fairly quiet around the hospital that early so we just let him wander around. He followed me everywhere! Oh yeah and now he is so comfortable in his little cart that he's figured out that he can RUN again! Ooooo, so cool to watch him. We played "hide n seek" around the back of the hospital and it was a blast to see him so animated and excited. And free, to be a dog again. Just around the time I started my grooming I hit the bathroom real quick and wasn't he waiting outside the door for me?!

His mom came to take him home and I could feel my heart beating. It was so sad for me to see him go and I'm not like that. I won't let myself get attatched that much. This one grew on me over the past 10 days he boarded. I think because I watched him go from a miserable crippled dog to a happy, loving, mobile dog. I loved every second of the transformation, from watching him get used to the cart to trying on his own to go up/down stairs, learning how to manuver himself widthwise when he'd bump corners or walls and the two best ones to watch were when he figured out how to go backwards and run!

The pay for my job sucks. The hours suck. The work can be brutal both physically and mentally, but damn, it is so very rewarding!

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6 Responses to Harley the wonder Corgi

  1. Kzinti says:

    The pay may suck, the work may be tough, but you are making the lives of so many animals better. As they say, some of the happiest people go home with dirty hands…

  2. my heart just bursted while reading this! What a sweet pup!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Lavender! He really is. To think I was so crabby about how hard it was in the beginning…..his transformation was what I needed to put myself in check.

  4. Funny the lessons we learn from other creatures

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