Bye Bye Butterflies

Spread your wings and fly sweet ones…..

Back in the late Spring my friend from work was telling us about the plans for her daughters wedding. Outside, on a Sunday because the party house is cheaper, color schemes etc. I suggested raising Butterflies for release at the Ceremony. She thought it was a great idea and in late July purchased some Painted Lady caterpillars to raise for release. I promised to help her with the project as I – many years ago – did this as a side business out of my store. She ordered 90 and got something like 300!!! Turned out to be quite the project after all, but we did it. Our weather spiked a bit of high temps one week and they all rushed in a flurry into chrysalis. Shortly after, she had these beautiful creatures emerging in record numbers. Since they don't live very long by nature, I feared that they would all die off before the wedding day….tomorrow. Sooooooo, I secretly purchased and raised more. I ordered 60 and got 200! She didn't have a single clue and it was fun for me, knowing that no matter what she'd have plenty of Butterflies for her first daughters wedding. A big day, a happy day and as far as butterflies were concerned, no disappointments.

I just got back home from delivering them to her. A couple of weeks ago I helped her make the release "houses" with netting and embroidery hoops, ribbons and silk flowers adorn the tops. It's gonna be pretty cool and I can't wait to see the pictures. I feel so good about doing this! She was just so surprised when I finally told her what I'd been doing and it makes me happy to know that I could pull something like this off. The fact that it was so time consuming makes it even better because it took effort and commitment to produce something beautiful and make someone so happy. But it wasn't hard because it was for a friend.

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4 Responses to Bye Bye Butterflies

  1. Kzinti says:

    What a wonderful wedding idea!

  2. Thanks! It's been a "thing" for quite a while now. People actually have made a living (small I'm sure) raising butterflies for release. Go figure. No one around here does it though. NY state has stepped in and put all sorts of regulations, permits and what not. The only species allowed w/o permits are the Painted Ladies. Smaller than Monarchs, not quite as "flowy – showy" but pretty all the same.

  3. I hope so! lol Weather today is supposed to be in the mid 70's so they should do well. They like warm. Like me.

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