The Zombie & The Broken Cat

A Zombie, that's just the  way I felt last night when I finally got done with work for the week. I could barely walk I was so tired. This weekend I have my nieces two little dogs; Porkchop and Little Buddy, while she and most of my family are up in the Adirondack Mountains…..having fun. Without me.

Anyway, a very rough week at work…Bonnie was gone on va/ca all week and I absorbed her job along with my own. My boss is getting such a deal as I did two jobs for one pay. We have had the worst run of barking boarders this summer and this week was no exception. They make me crazy when they just won't stop barking. They bark for no apparent reason and since they are all in the same room that is my "home base" for doing most of the other stuff it really makes for a stressful (9+ hour) day. And I have to add how frustrating it is that people don't teach their dogs how to walk on a leash. It's dog training 101 and these dogs don't know how. They pull me – which I hate – they walk in front of me and make me trip, -which I hate – one dog actually jumped on me the whole time I would have her out. She wasn't little either and one morning she actually came up behind me, jumped on my back and bit me. It was not a mean bite, but she was just behaving like an out of control wingnut.

On top of those times, I was the "extra pair of hands" so I got dragged into exam rooms to hold, asked to hold for blood draws, held for Ultra Sound exams – blah, blah, blah. I only had one grooming day this week so lost my good money pay.

To top off the weeks disasters we had an emergency come in on Thursday that has my head just spinning. Not to mention my heart breaking. One year old male cat hit by car. He has a multiple ( 5 breaks ) fractured back leg and owners that are morons. Of course. They have never had him vaccinated and I guess it goes without saying that he's never been neutered either. They let him outside. He has been in multiple fights as there are obvious scars on his face and ears and we also found fresh wounds on his back. The cat is fixable but they don't have the money. I have offered to take him on, our Dr. will do an amputation of said leg, vaccinate, neuter and I will pay for all of that if they will sign him over to the hospital. Now they're thinking of sending him to a Board Certified Surgeon in the Syracuse area! HA! That's at LEAST $3,500 in surgery and they can't even afford to pay us! The phone calls back and forth yesterday were numerous. But I at least got to know that he was safe with us. He's got IV fluids on board, pain meds along with a pain patch. Since he's never been Rabies Vaccinated I am not allowed to touch him. ( I get my last shot for Rabies on Tuesday ) but I stood in front of his cage and watched him try to eat and he is using the litter box – both good signs. But I'm sure the pain meds are helping a lot. He was in shock when he came in on Thursday but is doing better now. We had to put him under to Xray the busted leg and he really wasn't good for the insertion of the IV but I'm sure the pain he was in had a lot to do with that. Not to mention the fact that he is an intact male who has learned to fight his way through his first year of life.

This kitty is so unusually colored, he is like a Taupe color with blue eyes. Has tabby markings and looks to me, very much like a Bengal Cat. I hope that I can be his new mom. I will take care of him, with three legs. I will keep him safe indoors and get him Neutered and vaccinated.

That's it for now. More later.

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